Officers and Executive Committee

Thomas A. Downes, President
Tufts University

Carrie Conaway, Past President
Massachusetts Department of Education

Patrice Iatarola, President-Elect
Florida State University

Robert Goertz, Finance Officer

Lydia Ross, Executive Director

Board of Directors

Terms Expiring at the close of the 2020 Conference

Rodney Andrews
University of Texas - Dallas

Matthew Chingos
Urban Institute

Darryl Hill

Lori Taylor
Texas A&M University

Stephanie Riegg Cellini
The George Washington University

Terms Expiring at the close of the 2021 Conference

Mark Long
University of Washington

Martin West
Harvard University

Lesley Turner
University of Maryland

Cara Jackson
Bellwether Education Partners

Abigail Payne
University of Melbourne

Terms Expiring at the close of the 2022 Conference

Brooks Bowden
North Carolina State University

Cassandra Hart
University of California, Davis

Steven Hemelt
North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Katherine Kurjakovic
United Federation of Teachers in New York City

Dara Zeehandelaar Shaw
Maryland State Department of Education

Designees of Sustaining Members

Kyle Arnone
American Federation of Teachers

Tina Collins
United Federation of Teachers