Policymaker and Practitioner Conference Subsidies - Application

AEFP’s Call for Policymaker and Practitioner Conference Subsidies for the 44th Annual Conference on March 21 to 23, 2019, at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown in Kansas City, Missouri

AEFP has secured grant funding to support a limited number of policymakers and practitioners to attend the conference this year through subsidies of their travel and conference registration fees. First priority will go to session chairs and paper and poster presenters, but we expect to have funds available to support additional people who are just attending the conference. The application window for the subsidy will open on January 4, with a deadline of January 25. We expect to make award announcements by no later than February 8.

Eligible policymakers and practitioners include:

  • Elected officials at all levels of government
  • Employees of government entities (including school districts and institutional research departments at public universities), and
  • Those who work for organizations that directly support government entities (e.g., National Conference of State Legislatures, Council of Great City Schools).

NOT eligible are employees of public university research centers; foundations; and non-profits that do not work directly with and on behalf of government entities.

If insufficient funds are available to provide subsidies to all applicants, priority will go to:

  • First-time conference attendees
  • People who are participating in the conference as presenters, panelists, or session chairs

Support is limited to two people per organization. To receive subsidies for two people from the same organization, at least one must be a first-time attendee. If AEFP still has insufficient funds to provide subsidies after applying these criteria, we will select awardees at random.


In order for us to subsidize the maximum number of attendees without overspending our budget, we need everyone to estimate their travel costs carefully. Please estimate your expenses using current transportation fares. If you are awarded a subsidy, we will reimburse you up to the costs you list below, with up a 10% variance over this estimate in case fares shift between estimation and booking. We may request documentation of your fare estimate, if necessary. Travel awards will be issued as reimbursements, so awardees will need to pay up front and submit receipts to be reimbursed afterward.

Travel reimbursement policies:

  • We will reimburse transportation costs for coach class fares only.
  • We will reimburse hotel costs up to the conference hotel room rate of $219 per night plus taxes and fees. We strongly encourage you to stay in the conference hotel.
  • We will reimburse local taxi or ride shares up to $45 each way to/from the airport, train station, or bus station.
  • We will reimburse mileage at the current IRS standard mileage rate of $0.54 per mile.
  • We will not reimburse meals.

Please provide any additional details that may be helpful to us in awarding the subsidies (for instance, rules about what you can and cannot accept, access to other funds that might support your travel, or additional information about your organization).