AEFP 45th Annual Conference

Toward a Meaningful Impact through Research, Policy & Practice

The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel - Fort Worth, Texas
March 19-21, 2020

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Authors should have papers to chairs by March 1, via either upload to the online site using below link, or directly to the chair if work is embargoed. Panelists may choose to swap papers for one-on-one feedback outside the session/conference.

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1.01 - Changing College Going in Expected and Unexpected Ways

  • Does Online Course-taking Increase High School Completion and Open Pathways to Postsecondary Education Opportunities?. Carolyn J. Heinrich and Jennifer Darling-Aduana. Download

10.02 - Teacher Evaluation System Design and Teacher Responses

  • Does Evaluation Distort Teacher Effort and Decisions? Quasi-experimental Evidence from a Policy of Retesting Students. Esteban Aucejo, Teresa Romano, Eric Taylor. Download

10.08 - Measuring Outcomes in Post-secondary Education

  • The Paradox of HBCU Graduation Rates. Ethan Gordon, Zackary Hawley, Ryan Carrasco Kobler, Jonathan Rork. Download
  • The Effects of Remedial Math on Student Outcomes: Evidence from an Open-Access Higher Education Institution in Chile using Regre. Angela Boatman, Susana Claro, Ricardo D. Paredes, Matias Fresard & Jenna W. Kramer. Download
  • Estimating the Contribution of Short-Cycle Programs to Student Outcomes in Colombia. Maria Marta Ferreyra, Tatiana Melguizo, Angelica Sanchez Diaz, Gema Zamarro. Download

1.08 - New Analysis of Pensions

  • Teacher Pension Plan Incentives, Retirement Behavior, and Workforce Quality. Shawn Ni, Michael Podgursky, Xiquan Wang. Download
  • Traditional vs. Cash Balance Pension Plans: The Case of Kansas, the First Teacher CB Plan. Robert M. Costrell. Download

8.09 - Measuring Student Borrower Success and Failure

  • Personal Finance Education Mandates and Student Loan Repayment. Daniel Mangrum. Download
  • Are For-Profits Manipulating Cohort Default Rates? How Student and School Characteristics Are Related to the Timing of Default. Erin Dunlop Velez, Austin Lacy, Johnathan Conzelmann. Download

3.04 - New Estimates of the Effects of School and Parental Resources

  • Labor Supply, Learning Time, and the Efficiency of School Spending: Evidence from School Finance Reforms. John Klopfer. Download
  • Harnessing Complementarities in the Education Production Function. John A. List, Jeffrey A. Livingston, Susanne Neckermann. Download
  • Subsidies for High Schools and Schooling Decisions. Leonardo Rosa. Download

9.01 - Early Interventions for College Outreach

  • An Evaluation of the Educational Impact of College Campus Visits: A Randomized Experiment. Elise Swanson, Katherine Kopotic, Gema Zamarro, Jonathan N. Mills, Jay P. Greene, Gary Ritter . Download

11.02 - New Directions in Measuring Teacher Impacts on Student Outcomes

  • Measuring Mathematics and Science Teacher Effectiveness Using Rigorous Course-taking in High School. Elif Oz. Download
  • Comparing Teachers across Subject Types and School Levels: Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness with TESS. Xintong Li. Download
  • Comparing Teachers across Subject Types and School Levels: Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness with Teacher Effectiveness Student S. Xintong Li. Download

3.01 - Evaluation and Impact of School Leaders

  • The effect of principal behaviors on student, teacher and school outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. David D. Liebowitz, Lorna Porter. Download
  • How are District Differences in the Implementation of Teacher Evaluations associated with Teacher Perceptions of School Leadersh. Curtis Jones, Leon Gilman, Katherine Rainey, and Steven Kimball. Download

3.02 - Labor Market Deregulation

  • Union Reform, Performance Pay, and New Teacher Supply: Evidence from Wisconsin's Act 10. E. Jason Baron. Download

9.08 - Financing and Zoning Relationship to School Choice

  • Do Public Charter Schools Spend More Than Traditional Public Schools in California?. Jesse Levin, Drew Atchison, Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes. Download

4.04 - School Finance Equity and Adequacy

  • How Much Does It Cost to Provide An Adequate Educational Opportunity to All Students in California?. Lynn Hu, Jesse Levin, Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes, Karen Manship, Drew Atchison and Melissa Arellanes. Download
  • How Much Does It Cost to Provide An Adequate Educational Opportunity to All Students in California?. Lynn Hu, Jesse Levin, Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes, Karen Manship, Drew Atchison and Melissa Arellanes. Download
  • An Exploration of Partisan Control and the Progressivity of State Aid to Schools. Hyunjun Kim & Nicola Alexander. Download
  • Identifying Disadvantaged Schools Using a Data-Driven Approach. Stacey H. Chen, Yu-Kuan Chen, Tian-Ming Sheu, and Huey-Min Wu. Download

6.04 - The Determinants of School and District Spending

  • School Resource Allocation, Flexibility and Decision-making Under the Title I Program. Kerstin LeFloch, Jesse Levin, Drew Atchison, Courtney Tannebaum, Steve Hurlburt and Stephanie Stullich. Download

2.04 - Inequalities in School Spending

  • State And Local Funds Distributed To Higher-Poverty Schools. Sabrina J. Cummins, Deborah Nelson, PhD, Albert Alexander, Kristian Edwards, Bart Liguori,. Download

2.06 - Changing Discipline Practices, Changing Outcomes?

  • Getting Tough? The Effects of Discretionary Principal Discipline on Student Outcomes. Lucy Sorensen, Shawn Bushway, Elizabeth Gifford. Download
  • A Randomized Control Trial Evaluation of the Impact of Restorative Practices on Discipline, Attendance, Achievement and Climate. JOHN ENGBERG, CATHERINE AUGUSTINE and GEOFF GRIMM,. . Download

Brown-bag Lunch and Poster Session I

  • Does Teacher Preparation Location Predict Novice Teacher Turnover? Descriptive Evidence from Connecticut. Jeremy B. Landa. Download
  • The Effects of School Choice on Mental Health. Corey DeAngelis and Angela Dills. Download
  • Heading Toward EXcellence, Access, and Success: Measuring the Effect of the TEXAS Grant on Students' Outcomes. Sebastian Montenegro. Download
  • Understanding and Addressing Principal Turnover - A Review of the Research. Stephanie Levin, Kathryn Bradley. Download
  • The Russian Excellence Initiative for Higher Education: an Econometric Evaluation of Short-Term Results. Tommaso Agasisti, Ekaterina Shibanova, Daria Platonova, Mikhail Lisyutkin . Download

11.09 - Changes in Aid and Changes in Behaviors

  • Dependency: The Evolution and Impact of a Foundational Concept in Financial Aid. Allyson Flaster. Download

10.09 - Navigating Students Loans: Aversion and Choice Overload

  • Do loan averse attitudes predict college borrowing decisions and enrollment behaviors?. Brent J. Evans & Angela Boatman. Download
  • The state of financial knowledge in college: New evidence from a national survey. Drew M. Anderson, Johnathan G. Conzelmann, and T. Austin Lacy. Download

11.06 - Value-added Models for Research and Accountability

  • Differential-Effects Value-Added Growth by Student Characteristics by School. Michael S. Christian and Robert H. Meyer. Download

2.02 - Dynamic Effects of Teacher Evaluation Systems

  • The Wisconsin Learning-Centered Teacher Evaluation Study: Informing Policy and Practice. Kimball, Arrigoni, Heneman III, Geraghty, Marlin, Carl, Jones, Cain and Milanowski. Download

5.07 - The Impacts of Testing and Accountability Reforms

  • Testing. Annika B. Bergbauer, Eric A. Hanushek, and Ludger Woessmann. Download
  • Illusory Effects of Performance Management: The Case of Contracts for Excellence in New York School Districts. Philip Gigliotti, Lucy C. Sorense. Download

6.09 - Easing the Transition to College: Early College Programs and Other Policy Options

  • The Costs and Benefits of Early College High Schools. Drew Atchison, Krissy Zeisser, Jesse Levin, Salma Mohammed, David Knight. Download
  • The Impact of the TRIO Program on College Choice Process. Hee Jung Gong & Robert K. Toutkoushian. Download

4.08 - Collective Bargaining, Teacher Voice, and Public Opinion: Examining How Unions Influence Public Education

  • The Faces of Public Schools: Relationships Among Unions, Ethnocentrism, and School Spending Support. Adam Kirk Edgerton. Download
  • The Face of Public Schools: Relationships Among Union Attitudes, Racial Resentment, and School Spending Support. Adam Kirk Edgerton. Download

6.11 - The Full Consequences of Expanded Pre-K Access

  • Does Government Funding Crowd-Out Private Provision? Evidence from China (2001-2015). Qi ZHENG, Yingquan SONG, Xiangyi Liao. Download

11.11 - The Links between Student Health and the Educational Experience

  • Disadvantage Beyond Poverty: Adverse Childhood Experiences, School Choice, and Educational Outcomes. Leah Clark. Download

9.03 - The Links between Teacher Turnover, School Characteristics, and Classroom Composition

  • Special Education Teacher Shortages: Characteristics Separating States with Low and High Shortages. Kelly Acosta, Loretta Mason-Williams, David Peyton, Daisy Pua, Alexandria Harvey, Paul Sindelar, & James Dewey. Download
  • The Association Between Teaching Students with Disabilities and Teacher Turnover. Allison Gilmour and Joseph Wehby. Download

1.07 - Principals and Colleagues: Looking Beyond Individual Teachers

  • Making the match: Reconstructing principal-teacher fit. Minseok Yang, Peter Goff, Lena Batt, Eunji You, Xin Xie, Lydia Gandy-Fastovich, Hyunwoo Yang. Download
  • Visible at Night: The Growing Expectations of U.S. Public School Principals. David B. Reid & Benjamin M. Creed. Download

3.06 - Machine Learning and Data Analytics Come to Education Research

  • Using Predictive Analytics to Combine Indicators of Third-Grade Reading Proficiency . Kristin Porter. Download

1.05 - New Evidence on Social-emotional Learning

  • Programs and Practices to Support Students’ Social and Emotional Development: Results from Nationally Representative Surveys . Elizabeth Steiner, Laura Hamilton, Christopher Doss, William Johnston. Download
  • Predicting Academic Performance from Social-emotional Learning Scales. Tara Chiatovich. Download

8.08 - The Evolution of Methods of Financing Colleges and Universities

  • It's Not Just The Privates: Tuition Discounting and Enrollments in Public Flagship Universities. Leanne Davis, Rita Kirshstein. Download
  • Analyzing the Design and Causal Effects of Frames on the Distribution of Grant Funds for Educational . Heather McCambly. Download

2.01 - Strengthening Students' College Enrollment Decisions

  • Which High Schoolers Know How Much College Costs and Why It Matters. Velez, E.D. and Johnson, K.R.. Download

1.03 - How Do Individuals and Institutions Respond to Shocks?

  • Promising Practices When Schools Are Hit by Hurricanes. Sarah R. Cannon, Cassandra R. Davis, Sarah C. Fuller, Rex Long, Joseph Shields. Download
  • Oh Mother: The Neglected Impact of School Disruptions. DAVID JAUME and ALEXANDER WILLEN. Download

7.01 - New Evidence on Inequality in College Access and Success

  • Geographical Bias in Standardized Testing: Is Cultural and Socioeconomic Bias a Problem of the Past or Are We Simply Not Looking. Manuel S. Gonzalez Canche. Download
  • Long-run Changes in Underrepresentation After Affirmative Action Bans in Public Universities. Mark Long and Nicole Bateman. Download

4.12 - The Reporting of Per-Pupil Transportation Expenses under ESSA

  • Reporting Per-Pupil Transportation Expenditures Under ESSA Slides 2019-03-19. Patrick Dean, Reid Oyster, Stephen Cornman, Tammy Lehmen, Rich Kelly. Download
  • NSTA Cost Analysis Tool 2019-03-18. National School Transportation Association . Download

7.11 - Returns to Alternative Academic Pathways

  • Employment Outcomes for Graduates of Washington State's Applied Baccalaureate Degree Programs. Melissa Cominole. Download
  • Labor market returns to vocational secondary education. Mikko Silliman and Hanna Virtanen. Download

11.08 - Quantifying the Effects of Interventions in Higher Education

  • The Role of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. Worsham, R., DeSantis, A.L., Johnson, K.R., Jaeger, A.J. . Download

Brown-bag Lunch and Poster Session II

  • Breaking Down Barriers to Access in Higher Education: Perspectives for Regional/State College Promise Stakeholders/Policy Makers. Jeffery Allan DeFranco. Download
  • Examining the role of on-campus support services in facilitating the transition to college. Elise Swanson. Download

10.05 - Using Randomized Control Trials to Evaluate Interventions

  • A Theoretical Model of the Impact of Ability Grouping on Learning and Empirical Evidence from a RCT in the U.S. . Bradley Carl, Daniel Marlin, Cemile Sahin, Jennifer Vadas. Download
  • Integrating Writing and Technology in the Classroom: Lessons from a Randomized Field Trial in New York City . Emma Alterman, Rekha Balu, and Zeest Haider. Download

8.05 - Policies to Overcome Racial Bias

  • Employing Rubrics to Mitigate Racial Bias in Grading. David M. Quinn. Download

7.10 - New Insights into the Effects of State Merit Aid Programs

  • State Merit-based Financial Aid and Post-Secondary STEM Enrollment and Attainment: Evidence from Missouri. Junpeng Yan. Download

4.07 - The Importance of Non-test Outcomes

  • Assessing the impact of Holocaust education on adolescents' civic values: Experimental evidence from Arkansas. Matthew H. Lee & Molly I. Beck. Download

2.08 - Race, Gender, Class and the Politics of Education Reform

  • Racial Group Threat and Opposition to High-Stakes Testing. Richard Paquin Morel. Download

5.02 - Inferences in Teacher Evaluation Systems

  • Teacher Effectiveness and Classroom Composition. Esteban Aucejo, Patrick Coate, Jane Cooley Fruehwirth, Sean Kelly, Zachary Mozenter. Download

8.03 - Weighted Student Funding

  •  Do WSF districts distribute dollars more equitably than non-WSF districts?. Marguerite Roza; Hannah Jarmolowski. Download

9.06 - Attendance and Dropping Out: Causes and Effects

  • Understanding the Persistent Effects of Prior-year Chronic Absenteeism on Student Achievement at the Start of the Following Year. Gregory King, Nate Jensen, Emily Wolk, Sharon Bi. Download

9.09 - The Design and Effects of Performance Based Financing

  • Accounting for Policy Variation in the Impact of OBF on Bachelor's Degree Production. Kate Callahan, Dae Kim, X. Lindsey Liu, Cyril Cherian. Download