AEFP 44th Annual Conference

Building the Connections Between Research and Policy

Kansas City Marriott Downtown - Kansas City, Missouri
March 21-23, 2019

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Authors should have papers to chairs by March 1, via either upload to the online site using below link, or directly to the chair if work is embargoed. Panelists may choose to swap papers for one-on-one feedback outside the session/conference.

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2.01 - Mentorship and Influence in Postsecondary Education

  • Peer Effects on Study Effort. Shi Pu, Yu Yan. Download

8.03 - Risky business: Student behaviors and impacts

  • Better Together? Social Networks in Truancy and the Targeting of Treatment. Magdalena Bennett and Peter Bergman. Download
  • Healthy and Risky Behaviors and Educational Attainment: An Update to Dee and Evans (2003). Gilpin and Al-Saad. Download

4.03 - Preservice Preparation And Improvement

  • What do surveys of program completers tell us about teacher preparation quality?. Kevin C. Bastian, Min Sun, and Heather Lynn. Download
  • The Costs of Membership? Exploring Student Teaching Placements and Their Impact on Student Acheivement. Dan Goldhaber, John M. Krieg, and Roddy Theobald. Download

7.05 - Policy issues in private school choice

  • Federal Disability Rights for Students Enrolled in Voucher and Education Savings Account Programs. U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO): Alison Grantham, Barbara Steel-Lowney, Nagla'a El-Hodiri, and Jackie Nowicki . Download
  • Voucher and Education Savings Account Characteristics and Accountability Policies. U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO): Alison Grantham, Barbara Steel-Lowney, Nagla'a El-Hodiri, and Jackie Nowicki . Download
  • Constructing a Transparency Index for Education Policy Analysis. Molly S. Stewart & Jodi S. Moon. Download

3.04 - The Effects of Preschool

  • Experimental impacts of KIPP pre-kindergarten and their persistence over time. Virginia Knechtel, Thomas Coen, Pia Caronongan, Nickie Fung, Lisbeth Gobel. Download
  • Pre-K in the Public Schools: Evidence from Within U.S. States. Timothy J. Bartik and Brad Hershbein. Download
  • The Impact of California's Transitional Kindergarten Program. Karen Manship, Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes, Aleksandra Holod, Buhan Ogut, Heather Quick. Download

9.01 - Assessing New Postsecondary Interventions

  • Are You in or Out? The Impact of Tennessee Promise Eligibility on Tuition, Fees, and Enrollment. Elizabeth Bell. Download
  • On Time Intervention? An Instrumental Variable Analysis of a Community College Early Alert Program. Russell Gerber, Trey Miller, Lindsay Daugherty, Paco Martorell. Download

11.06 - College Intentions and Readiness

  • Career Counseling and Youth Crime: Evidence from Career Compass of Louisiana. Swarup Joshi, Louis Beland, and Stephen Barnes. Download
  • Are B's in AP courses equivalent to A's in standard courses? Adjusting high school GPAs for advanced course participation. John Hansen, Philip Sadler, Gerhard Sonnert. Download

5.09 - Kids, Parents, Time in School, and Long-run Outcomes

  • The Long-run Effects of Teacher Strikes: Evidence from Argentina. David Jaume and Alexander Willén. Download
  • Long-Term Labor Market E ects of Longer School Days: Evidence from Chile. Patricio Dominguez and Krista Runi. Download
  • The Effect of Mother’s Education on Child Health: Evidence from Bangladesh. Ishtiaque Fazlul. Download

3.02 - The effects of social problems on educational outcomes

  • Intergenerational Effects of Mass Incarceration. Tennecia Dacass and Amanda Gaulke . Download
  • The effect of Housing Assistance on Student Achievement and Attainment. Deven Carlson, Alex Schmidt, Hannah Miller, Robert Haveman, Barbara Wolfe. Download

2.04 - Issues in Cross-District Equity

  • Meeting Student Needs: Demographic changes, costs, and state support. Andrew Van Alstyne and Deborah Cunningham. Download
  • The Fiscal Externalities of Charter Schools: Evidence from North Carolina. Helen F. Ladd and John D. Singleton. Download

9.06 - Mindset, motivation, and signals

  • Perform Better, or Else: Academic Probation, Public Praise and Students Decision-Making. Nicholas A. Wright. Download
  • Using Texting to Nudge Urban Public School Students To and Through College. Ryan Yeung, Phuong Nguyen-Hoang. Download

9.10 - Issues in Intra-District Equity

  • Study of Funding Provided to Public Schools and Public Charter Schools in Maryland. Jesse Levin, Bruce Baker, Drew Atchison, Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes, Andrea Boyle and Adam Hall. Download

9.08 - The Wide Influence of Education: Economic Growth, Labor Supply, and Occupational Choice

  • Economic Gains from Educational Reform by US States. Eric A. Hanushek, Jens Ruhose, and Ludger Woessmann. Download
  • Who specializes in growing sectors and does it pay off? The importance of gender. Jennifer Graves and Zoe Kuehn. Download
  • A Spatial Analysis on the Production and Stock of Foreign College-educated Labors. Qiong Zhu. Download

1.10 - Selected topics in early childhood and preschool

  • The Spillover Benefits of Expanding Access to Preschool. Breyon J. Williams. Download

3.08 - Teacher labor markets

  • From a Fixed National Pay Scale to Individual Wage Bargaining: The Labor Market Effects of Wage Decenralization. Alexander Willen. Download
  • School Choice Benefits Teachers Too? The Effect of School Choice Programs on Teacher Salaries and Employment. Corey DeAngelis & James Shuls. Download
  • School Choice Benefits Teachers Too? The Effects of School Choice on Teacher Salaries and Employment. Corey A. DeAngelis & James Shuls. Download

5.02 - The Many Missions of Community Colleges

  • The Impact of Community College Subsidies on Public and Private College Markets. RILEY ACTON. Download

4.11 - College... and More? College Enrollment, Post-Baccalaureate Study and Labor Market Implications

  • The Effect of Post-Baccalaureate Certi ficates on Job Search: Results from a Correspondence Study. Amanda Gaulke, Hugh Cassidy, Sheryll Namingit. Download
  • Timing Matters: Examining the Effect of College Enrollment Delay on Labor Market Trajectories. Yuxin Lin, Vivian Yuen Ting Liu. Download

3.11 - Methods for Studying the Contributions of Teachers

  • How Many Students Need to be Replaced to Invalidate a Teacher’s Evaluation Based on Value-added?. Qinyun Lin, Kenneth A. Frank . Download
  • Value-Added Estimation in the Presence of Missing Data. Nui Gao, Anastasia Semykina. Download

11.01 - Broad Effects of Financial Aid

  • The Effects of Financial Aid on Student Persistence and Degree Attainment: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Tuan Nguyen, Jenna Kramer, Brent Evans. Download
  • Study Abroad for Low-income Students: The relationship between need-based aid and access to education abroad. Melissa Whatley and Ashley B. Clayton. Download
  • A General Equilibrium Analysis of College Enrollment, Completion, and Labor Market Outcomes . Maria Marta Ferreyra, Carlos Garriga and Angelica Sanchez Diaz. Download
  • A General Equilibrium Analysis of College Enrollment, Completion, and Labor Market Outcomes. Maria Marta Ferreyra, Carlos Garriga and Angelica Sanchez Diaz. Download

2.03 - Accountability and Testing Throughout the Grade Spans

  • The Effects of Physical Education on Child Body Weight and Academic Achievement: New Evidence from the ECLS-K:2011. Katy Rouse and Steven Bednar. Download

2.09 - Fiscal, economic, and political issues with charter schools

  • Fiscal and Education Spillovers from Charter Expansion. Camille Terrier, Matthew Ridley. Download
  • Barriers to entry: The pitfall of charter school regulation. Ian Kingsbury. Download

10.06 - Measuring Classroom Processes and Child Outcomes in the Early Years of School

  • An Exploration of Instructional Practices that Foster Language Development and Comprehension: Evidence from Prekindergarten thro. Claudia Gentile, Hanley Chiang, Timothy Shanahan, Elias Walsh, Tiffany Waits, Barbara Carlson. Download

6.01 - The Design of Financial Aid Programs

  • The Insurance Value of Financial Aid. Kristy Fan, Tyler Fisher, and Andrew Samwick. Download

2.02 - Special Education

  • Do Teachers Spend Less Time Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms? Evidence from International Data. North Cooc. Download

4.07 - Effects of policies aimed at school improvement and turnaround

  • Lights Off: Practice and Impact of Closing Low-Performing Schools. Chunping Han, Margaret E. Raymond, James L. Woodworth, Yohannes Negassi, W. Payton Richardson, Will Snow. Download

7.11 - The Effects of School Finance Reform in China

  • Equity and Adequacy of K12 Education Finance in China: Central Government's Policy and Impact. Rongxin ZHANG; Xiao FENG. Download
  • Intergovernmental Transfer Under Heterogeneous Accountability: The effects of the 2006 China Rural School Finance Reform. Yanqing Ding, Fengming Lu, Xiaoyang Ye. Download
  • Equal Educational Opportunity and the Free-Tuition Policy: Can Student Subsidy Improve Fiscal Equity? . Li Ju Chen. Download

4.04 - Weighted student funding

  • National Data Mapping on Weighted Student Funding Implementation. Marguerite Roza and Katie Hagan. Download
  • Lessons from California's WSF: What happens when a state gives districts control over state education dollars?. Marguerite Roza, Laura Anderson. Download
  • Dollars Follow the Students, but do Teachers Follow the Dollars? . Lena Batt. Download
  • School-Level Dynamic Weighting: A New Approach to Weighted-Student Funding Models. Justin Dayhoff and Kristy Miller. Download
  • Taking stock of California’s weighted student funding overhaul: What have districts done with their spending flexibility?. Marguerite Roza, Tim Coughlin & Laura Anderson. Download
  • Did Districts Concentrate New State Money on Highest-Needs Schools? Answer: Depends on the District.. Marguerite Roza, Tim Coughlin & Laura Anderson. Download
  • California’s Weighted Student Formula: Does it Help Money Matter More?. Elena Derby & Marguerite Roza. Download

11.04 - Online learning and technology in the classroom

  • The Potential (and Pitfalls) of Online Instruction for Improving Educational Opportunities and Outcomes in High School. Carolyn Heinrich, Jennifer Darling-Aduana, Annalee Good and Huiping Cheng. Download

3.05 - Alternative College Pathways

  • Assessing the Performance of Massive Online Open Courses: An empirical case study of POK (PoliMi Open Knowledge) experience. Tommaso Agasisti, Giovanni Azzone, Alice Bertoletti & Mara Soncin. Download

9.09 - Effects of Changes in Higher Education Financing

  • Disinvesting in the Future? A Comprehensive Examination of the Effects of State Appropriations for Public Higher Education. Bo Zhao. Download
  • Modeling Volatility in Public Funding for Higher Education. William R. Doyle and Amberly B. Dziesinski and Jennifer A. Delaney. Download

11.10 - Impact of private school choice on student outcomes

  • The Effects of Statewide Private School Choice on College Enrollment and Graduation. Matthew Chingos, Daniel Kuehn. Download
  • Heterogeneous Effects across Schools in the First Year of the Louisiana Scholarship Program. Matthew Lee, Jonathan Mills, and Patrick Wolf. Download
  • The Preliminary Effect of the Louisiana Scholarship Program on College Entrance. Heidi H. Erickson, Jonathan N. Mills, Patrick J. Wolf . Download

1.09 - STEM from High School to Graduate School

  • Gender Gaps in Math Performance, Perceived Mathematical Ability and College STEM Education: The Role of Parental Occupation. Lina M. Anaya, Frank P Stafford and Gema Zamarro. Download

8.02 - Free College

  • Start to Finish: Examining the Impact of the El Dorado Promise on Postsecondary Outcomes. Elise Swanson and Gary Ritter. Download

5.12 - Costs and Funding for Higher Education

  • The Effects of In-State Tuition Freeze at Public, Four-Year Universities on Enrollment. MacGregor A. Obergfell. Download

4.05 - The Causes and Consequences of Student Major Choices

  • If it Doesn’t Fit, Will They Quit? The Impact of an Interest-Major Fit Signal on College Major Plans. Joann L. Moore and Ty M. Cruce. Download

7.01 - Immigration enforcement

  • The Chilling Effect of ICE. Raymond Zuniga. Download

1.08 - Improving information quality for teacher hiring

  • Measuring Teacher Valuations of Non-monetary Job Factors Through Adaptive Choice-based Conjoint Analysis. Jeffrey Gunther. Download

3.10 - Charter schools

  • An Early Look at the Effects of Success Academy Charter Schools. Rebecca Unterman. Download

5.07 - Unexplored Determinants of College Admissions and Enrollment

  • Are Regional Quotas Fair? Simulating Merit-Based College Admissions Using Unique Student-Level Data from China. Tianshu Guo, Prashant Loyalka, Xiaoyang Ye. Download

1.02 - Let's Eat!: The Effects of Free School Meals

  • Estimating the Effects of Subsidized School Meal Provisions on Child Health: Evidence from the Community Eligibility Provision i. Will Davis and Tareena Musaddiq. Download

9.05 - Teacher Effectiveness

  • Is Less More? Outcomes for Subject-Area Specialists in Elementary Grades. Kevin C. Bastian and C. Kevin Fortner. Download

10.10 - Changes to teacher evaluation systems

  • The Effects of Increasing the Number of Observations Per Teacher on Student Achievement. Seth B Hunter. Download

Brown-bag lunch and poster session 1

  • English learners with disabilities in secondary school: Their characteristics and experiences from a national study. Albert Liu, Stephen Lipscomb, and Alexander Johann. Download
  • How the Match Gets Made? Exploring Student-Teacher Placements Across Teacher Education Programs, Districts & Schools. Elise St John, Dan Goldhaber, Roddy Theobald, John Krieg. Download
  • Measuring the Effects of State-Level Appropriations for Higher Education on Graduation Rates. Charles Bentley. Download
  • The Impact of Outcomes-Based Funding on Bachelor’s Degree Production: Evidence from a multiple baseline interrupted time series . Dae Kim, Lindsey Liu, Kate Callahan, and Austin Slaughter . Download
  • High(er) Education: Legalization of Marijuana and its Impact on Fiscal Support for Public Higher Education. Maryanne Long; Dennis A. Kramer II, Ph.D. . Download
  • Are Novice Teacher and Novice Teacher Supervisor Survey Performance Ratings Comparable?. Matthew Finster. Download

8.08 - Innovations in School and District Leadership and Practice

  • Entry points: How Evidence Makes its Way into Schools’ Decisions . Horatio Blackman, Sara Grajeda, Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, Katherine Tilley, Rui Wang. Download

10.02 - Testing and Re-Testing in Higher Education

  • Is the GED a Viable Pathway to College for Adult Students? New Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Massachusetts. Blake Heller and Kirsten Slungaard Mumma. Download

11.08 - School characteristics and teacher mobility

  • Teacher diversity in Alabama. Peter Jones and Eugenia Toma. Download

5.10 - Pensions in educator labor markets

  • Are Public Pensions Regressive? Calculating Internal Rates of Return for Public School District Salary Schedules. James V. Shuls & Andrew Tipping. Download

7.03 - Making the best use of time

  • "The Impact of Increased Instructional Time on Student Outcomes: Evidence from Brazil". Leonard Rosa, Eric Bettinger, Martin Carnoy, Leonardo Rosa. Download

7.10 - Learning More from Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)

  • An Investigation of Design and Statistical Power for Planning Cluster Randomized Trials with Student and Teacher Outcomes. Qi Zhang, Jessaca Spybrook, and Fatih Unlu. Download

6.04 - ESSA: Design and Implementation Issues

  • Beyond Percentiles: Defining the goal and measuring progress for state turnaround initiatives. J. Edward Guthrie. Download

6.02 - Diversity, Residency, and Undocumented Students in Higher Education

  • Tuition Policy Changes and Academic Outcomes: The impact of the Colorado ASSET Legislation. Annie Laurie Hines. Download

4.01 - College Structures and Campus Communities

  • Semesters or Quarters? The Effect of the Academic Calendar on Postsecondary Graduation Rates. Stefanie Fischer, Valerie Bostwick, Matthew Lang. Download

Brown-bag lunch and poster session 2

  • Consistency Matters: Teacher Policy, Poverty, and Student Achievement. Adam Kirk Edgerton. Download

8.04 - Effects of Spending and Financial Incentives on Non-financial Outcomes

  • Education Reform in General Equilibrium: Evidence from California's Class Size Reduction. Michael Gilraine, Hugh Macartney, Robert McMillan. Download
  • Educational Resources and Student Performance: Evidence from the Save Harmless Provision in New York State. Philip Gigliotti and Lucy Sorensen. Download

2.05 - Postseconday Transitions from First Year to Final Payment

  • The Impact of State Articulation Policies on Bachelor’s Degree Attainment of Community College Transfer Students. Rachel Gentry. Download
  • Fall Forward or Spring Back? Evaluating Student Outcomes of UC Berkeley’s Fall Program for Freshmen. Patrick Lapid. Download

5.05 - Teacher working conditions

  • The Hidden Costs of Teacher Turnover. Alisa Chapman, Helen F. Ladd, Lucy C. Sorensen. Download

11.05 - New Evidence on Willingness to Pay for Education

  • Are Changes in Equity Deceptive? The Responsiveness of Supplementary Education Spending to Changes in Local Spending. Thoma Downes, Tufts University and Kieran Killeen, University of Vermont. Download

10.12 - Intended and Unintended Consequences of Accountability and Testing

  • The Impact of NC School Performance Grades on Teacher Perceptions and Intent to Leave their Schools. Eric Grebing. Download

1.03 - The Development of New Teachers

  • Networked Improvement Community for Improving Access to Effective Teachers: Initial Evidence of Effectiveness. Gnedko-Berry, N., Borman, T., Hester, C., Manzeske, D. . Download