AEFP 45th Annual Conference

Toward a Meaningful Impact through Research, Policy & Practice

The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel - Fort Worth, Texas
March 19-21, 2020

AEFP 45th Annual Conference Program

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Poster Session I - Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
- Poster Session I
Room: Rio Grand Ballrom
James Paul, University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform. Evaluating the Impacts of Virtual Charter Schooling on Student Achievement. Patrick Wolf, University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform
Wesley Frank Lewis, University of Centeral Florida. Florida’s Public Education and Capital Outlay and Debt Service (PECO) Trust Fund: Analysis of Revenue Decline and Recommended Revenue Enhancers
Justin Siekannye Kumbal, University of Missouri -Columbia. Heterogeneity of Socioeconomic Status on College Enrollment for English Language Learners. Justin Siekannye Kumbal, University of Missouri -Columbia
Yifan Huang, Peking University. An Empirical Study of Peer Effects on Academic Achievement Based on a Random Roommates Assignment in a Top Research College. Liping Ma, Peking University
Lixia Qin, Texas A&M University. Longitudinal Analysis of Teacher Turnover in Texas Public School Districts: A GIS-Based Approach. Nahed AbdelRahman, Texas A&M University, Beverly J. Irby, Texas A&M University
Alex J. Bowers, Teachers College Columbia University. Clustering Kentucky Schools for Professional Development through the Application of Automated Text Mining of School Improvement Plans. Alex J. Bowers, Teachers College Columbia University, Hannah Poquette, Kentucky Department of Education, Sarah Weeks, Teachers College Columbia University
Youjin Chung, Tennessee Education Research Alliance. Examining Assistant Principals’ Feelings of Preparedness to Step into the Principalship. Youjin Chung, Tennessee Education Research Alliance
Jesse Nagel, Michigan State University. Student Achievement in Light of Tenure Reform. Jesse Nagel, Michigan State University
Carol Cutler White, Mississippi State University. Community-Engaged College Access: Expanding the College Access Service Delivery Model to Increase Post-Secondary Participation . Carol Cutler White, Mississippi State University
Malia Howell, U.S. Census Bureau. Application of the Comparable Wage Index for Teachers (CWIFT) to School District Education Finance Data. Malia Howell, U.S. Census Bureau, Osei Ampadu, U.S. Census Bureau
Charisse Gulosino, University of California Berkeley. Examining School Choice Market Differentiation: Relationships between Demographics, Neighborhood Characteristics, Student Achievement and Instructional Themes. Charisse Gulosino, University of California Berkeley, Jonah Liebert, Columbia University Teachers College
Dongyang Chen, Peking University. Foreign Students In China and Import & Export Trade:An Empirical Research Based on Provincial Panel Data From 1999-2015. Wei Ha, Peking University
Zoe Mandel, Pennsylvania State University. Effects of School Resource Officers and School Police Officers on Student Outcomes in Pennsylvania. Ericka S. Weathers, Pennsylvania State University, Kenneth Shores, Pennsylvania State University
Leigh Wedenoja, SUNY Rockefeller Institute of Government. Heterogeneity in School Closures and Consolidations. Leigh Wedenoja, SUNY Rockefeller Institute of Government
Ekaterina Shibanova, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Degree of (formal and actual) autonomy, performance and efficiency: an empirical analysis of Russian universities in 2014-2018. Tommaso Agasisti, Politecnico di Milano School of Management, Ekaterina Shibanova, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Jeong-Mi Moon, University of Missouri-Columbia. Let Them Choose: English Language Learners’ Math/Science Course Taking Patterns and School Practices. Jeong-Mi Moon, University of Missouri-Columbia
Whitney Kozakowski, Harvard University. Are Four-Year Public Colleges Engines for Mobility? Evidence from Statewide Admissions Thresholds. Whitney Kozakowski, Harvard University
Christopher Cleveland, Harvard University. Measuring Cognitive Skills in School Settings: Evidence from the NeuroCognitive Performance Test. Christopher Cleveland, Harvard University, Martin West, Harvard University
Won Hee Na, Korea Public Finance Information Service. Does composition of public expenditures on tertiary education affect equity?. Young Lee, Hanyang University
Daniel Silver, USC. Which Teachers Supplement Their Core Curriculum and Why?. Morgan Polikoff, USC, Daniel Silver, USC
Bernardo Lara, University of Talca. Attendance incentives and the phantom menace. Eduardo Fajnzyber, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Bernardo Lara, University of Talca
Aanchal Bagga, Vanderbilt University. Effect of Women's Education on Child's Health and Education: Analysis of Rural India
Ashley Donaldson, Saint Louis University. Campus Meal Vouchers: A Nudge Intervention for Increasing Postsecondary Admissions and Enrollment. Ashley Donaldson, Saint Louis University, Gary Ritter, Saint Louis University
Habiba Ibrahim, Saint Louis University. Disparate Implementation of School Discipline and Alternative Approaches for Equitable School Discipline. Habiba Ibrahim, Saint Louis University, Gary Ritter, Saint Louis University
Mary Dillman, Boston Public Schools. Calculating Prospective Elementary Graduation Rates. Mary Dillman, Boston Public Schools, Monica Hogan, Boston Public Schools
Yujia Liu, University of California. Does beginning teacher mentoring impact retention and diversity? . Emily K. Penner, University of California
Shelby M. McNeill, Vanderbilt University. The Comprehensive Support and Improvement of Lowest Performing Schools under the Every Student Succeeds Act: An Evaluation of State Plans. Gary T. Henry, University of Delaware, Lauren Covelli, Vanderbilt University, Allison R. Redden, RTI International, Angelique Crutchfield, Vanderbilt University
Ayah Kamel, Northwestern University. Teachers Under Pressure: High-Stakes Accountability and School Climate. Ayah Kamel, Northwestern University
Tuan D. Nguyen, Kansas State University. Revisiting Teacher Quality Gaps: Geographic Disparities in Access to Highly Effective Teachers Across Tennessee. Luis A. Rodriguez, New York University, Tuan D. Nguyen, Kansas State University, Matthew G. Springer, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Dylan Hawksworth-Lutzow, University of California Davis. Teacher Salary Gaps in California Before and After the Local Control Funding Formula.. Dylan Hawksworth-Lutzow, University of California Davis, Heather Rose, University of California Davis
John Bodian Klopfer, United States Naval Academy (on leave) and The University of Hong Kong. Learning Time and Achievement: Evidence from a Nationwide Natural Experiment
Arya Ansari, Ohio State University. Classroom and School: Exploring the Multilevel Predictors of Student Absenteeism. Christopher Ozuna, UC Santa Barbara, Michael Gottfried, UC Santa Barbara, Arya Ansari, Ohio State University
Jackson Yan , UC Davis. Community College Student Transfer Patterns: Equitable outcomes for academically successful community college students
Taek Hyung Kim, New York University. Class Schedule and Teacher Workload in High School: Its Effects on Class Size and Student Achievement. Taek Hyung Kim, New York University
Alex Lamb, University of Connecticut. Technology as Infrastructure for Change: District Leader Understandings of 1:1 Educational Technology Initiatives and Educational Change
Brittany Closson-Pitts, Florida State University. The Landscape of Sex Education Policies in Florida Schools
Kellie Kim, WestEd. Impact of Work-Based-Learning on Florida Community College STEM Education and Careers. Lois Joy, Jobs for the Future
Alexa Cecil, West Virginia University. Estimates of the Impact of Natural Disasters on Postsecondary Enrollment and Retention in the United States. Rodney Hughes, West Virginia University
Philip Gigliotti, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. Leveraging Managerial Autonomy to Turn Around Low-Performing Schools: Evidence from the Innovation Schools program in Denver Public Schools. Philip Gigliotti, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
Heather Epstein-Diaz, Florida State University. Financial, Academic, and Immigration Determinants of Latinx Graduation from 2 and 4 Year Public Institutions
Jennifer D. Timmer, Vanderbilt University. Pathways to the Superintendency: Examining Educators’ Career Paths. Jennifer D. Timmer, Vanderbilt University, Jason A. Grissom, Vanderbilt University
Lauren Loyless, UTD. Social Media and School Bond Elections: An Examination of how Facebook Engagement Influenced Election Results. . James Harrington, UTD
Corinne Alfeld, IES. IES Funding Opportunities
Andrew D. Catt, EdChoice. Are We There Yet? Findings from a National, Cross-Sector Survey of Parents on K–12 Transportation. Andrew D. Catt, EdChoice
Joshua Childs, The University of Texas at Austin. Do Charter Schools Outspend Public Schools Online? Evidence from Texas. Joshua Childs, The University of Texas at Austin, Z.W. Taylor, The University of Texas at Austin
Ishtiaque Fazlul, Georgia State University. College Credit on the Table? Advanced Placement Course and Exam Taking. Jonathan Smith, Georgia State University, Todd Jones, Georgia State University
Courtney Lee, Public Policy Institute of California. California’s career education programs and their effects on long-term wage outcomes, a regional examination. Sarah Bohn, Public Policy Institute of California, Jacob Jackson, Public Policy Institute of California, Shannon McConville, Public Policy Institute of California
Qing Zhang, University of California. A Rising Tide that Lifted All Boats? The Effects of Competition on Early Childhood Education Quality. Qing Zhang, University of California, Jade Jenkins, University of California
Kubra Say, SUNY at Buffalo. Beyond Parametric Models: Data Mining Approaches for Predicting the Impacts of Financial Aid on Degree Attainment. Kubra Say, SUNY at Buffalo
Tatiana Maelguizo, University of Southern California. Examining the Relationship between Psychosocial and Academic Outcomes in Higher Education: A Descriptive Analysis. Elise Swanson, University of Southern California, Tatiana Maelguizo, University of Southern California, Francisco (Paco) Martorell, University of California-Davis
Evgenia Gorina, University of Texas at Dallas. Effects of a Mandatory Defined Contribution Plan on Teacher Retention in Alaska. Jen Sidorova, Reason Foundation, Anil Niraula, Reason Foundation, Marc Joffe, Reason Foundation
Z.W. Taylor, The University of Texas at Austin. Connecting Students to Schools: The Role of Website Size and Visibility on School Decision-Making. Z.W. Taylor, The University of Texas at Austin, Joshua Childs, The University of Texas at Austin
Jeremy Landa, University of Connecticut. Do “Minority Teacher Scholarships” Help Students of Color Complete Traditional Teacher Education Degrees? The Estimated Effects of Financial Aid on Degree Completion from a Flagship University
Justin Dayhoff, Allovue. Disentangling the Conceptual Blur Between Weighted-Student Funding and Site-Based Autonomy. Justin Dayhoff, Allovue, Filippo Bulgarelli, Allovue, Jason Becker, Allovue
Andrea Chambers, Michigan State University. Exploring Reverse Transfer. Andrea Chambers, Michigan State University
Wei Li, University of Alabama. Design parameters for field experiments on improving college access. Yanqing Ding, Peking University, Xin Li, UCLA, Xiaoyang Ye, Princeton University
Andrew A Sullivan, University of Kentucky. Helping Homeless Students Succeed: Impacts of McKinney-Vento Grants on the Identification of Homeless Students and Student Achievement. Andrew A Sullivan, University of Kentucky
Monica Hernandez, Vanderbilt University. Homeless Students and their Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Tennessee. Ela Joshi, Vanderbilt University
Joshua Bleiberg, Vanderbilt University. Were Some of the Children Left Behind?: Estimating the Effects of NCLB on Academically Vulnerable Students. Joshua Bleiberg, Vanderbilt University
Daniela Morar, Yale University. Foreign instructors and student STEM outcomes
Emily Wiseman, University of Virginia. Coaching the Coach: The Effects of and Insights from Teacher Coach Supports in Washington, D.C. Public Schools
Yang Song, Colgate University. Are All No-Loan Policies Created Equal? Heterogeneous Effects of No-Loan Policies by Income Threshold. Melainy Williams, Colgate University
Lindsey Page, Florida State University. Florida K-12 Public School Counselor Perceptions of Their Role in Student Mental Health Support. Lindsey Page, Florida State University
Junpeng Yan, University of Missouri. Losing Missouri Access: The effects of losing state needs-based financial aid due to academic criteria on student success. Junpeng Yan, University of Missouri, Brad Curs, University of Missouri, Justin Kumbal, University of Missouri
Samuel Correa, American Institutes for Research. Do resources matter? Generating a production function to estimate district-level performance on national assessments. Samuel Correa, American Institutes for Research
Xiao Liu, Wenqi Qiu. Impact of the Reform of Postgraduates’ Funding Policy on the Characteristics of Students Entering Different Degree Types in China. Xiao Liu, Nanjing University, Wenqi Qiu, Peking University, Po Yang, Peking University
Daniel Corral, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Examining the relationship between immigration enforcement and educational attainment: The case of sanctuary policies. Daniel Corral, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Henry Tran, University of South Carolina. An Event Analysis of State and Local Level Revenue Post Abbeville v. South Carolina.. Davíd G. Martínez, University of South Carolina
Evan Rhinesmith, Saint Louis University. High School Grade Inflation and Postsecondary Outcomes. Paula Langley, Saint Louis University
Alberto Guzman-Alvarez, University of Pittsburgh. A Burden on the Poor: Compliance Cost Variation in FAFSA Verification. Lindsay C. Page, University of Pittsburgh
Matthew Finster, Westat. Assessing Teachers’ Perceptions of Human Capital Management System Alignment of Teacher Leadership Initiatives. Matthew Finster, Westat, Anthony Milanowski, Education Analytics