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Education Finance and Policy
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Center for Policy Research
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Syracuse, NY 13244-1020
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Amy Ellen Schwartz · Syracuse University

Associate Editors
Andrew McEachin · RAND Corporation
Stephanie Riegg Cellini · George Washington University
Randall Reback · Barnard College, Columbia University
Katharine O. Strunk · University of Southern California

Board Members 
Bruce Baker · Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey 
Eric Bettinger · Stanford University 
Julian Betts · University of California, San Diego 
Dominic Brewer · New York University
Rajashri Chakrabarti · Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
Jay G. Chambers · American Institutes for Research 
Sean P. Corcoran · New York University 
Joshua Cowen · Michigan State University
Julie Cullen · University of California, San Diego 
Deborah H. Cunningham · New York State Association of School Business Officials
Thomas A. Downes · Tufts University
Ronald Ehrenberg · Cornell University
David N. Figlio · Northwestern University
Lawrence Getzler · Virginia Department of Planning and Budget
Margaret Goertz · University of Pennsylvania 
Dan Goldhaber · University of Washington-Bothell 
James Guthrie · Lynn University 
Jane Hannaway · Georgetown University
Eric Hanushek · Stanford University
Douglas N. Harris · Tulane University  
Carolyn Herrington · Florida State University
Patrice Iatarola · Florida State University
Scott Imberman · Michigan State University 
Eric Isenberg · Mathematica Policy Research
C. Kirabo Jackson · Northwestern University 
Brian A. Jacob · University of Michigan  
Kieran M. Killeen · University of Vermont
Cory Koedel · University of Missouri, Columbia
Matthew A. Kraft · Harvard University 
Helen F. Ladd · Duke University
Henry Levin · Columbia University
William J. Mathis · University of Colorado, Boulder
Patrick McEwan · Wellesley College
David H. Monk · Pennsylvania State University  
Allan Odden · University of Wisconsin, Madison
Martin Orland · WestEd
Parag Pathak · Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Lawrence O. Picus · University of Southern California  
Michael Podgursky · University of Missouri, Columbia
Randall Reback · Columbia University
Andrew Reschovsky · University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jennifer King Rice · University of Maryland
Steven Rivkin · University of Illinois at Chicago  
Richard Rothstein · Economic Policy Institute
Ross Rubenstein · Syracuse University
Judith Scott-Clayton · Teachers College, Columbia University 
Leanna Stiefel · New York University
Martin West · Harvard University
James Wyckoff · University of Virginia

Managing Editor 
Lisa G. Jelks · University of Florida

Editorial Assistant 
Kelly Bogart · Syracuse University

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