Amy Ellen Schwartz, Editor
Eric Brunner, Stephanie Cellini, Joshua Cowen, Susanna Loeb, and Katharine O. Strunk, Associate Editors

Ongoing public policy developments affecting educational institutions and systems present education policy makers, administrators, and researchers with new global challenges and opportunities. To aid in the deliberations, and help frame the intellectual discourse on education policy and practice, Education Finance and Policy promotes understanding of the means by which global resources can be justly generated and productively engaged to enhance human learning at all levels.

Topics explored in the journal include: school accountability; school choice; education standards; equity and adequacy in school finance; within- and across-school and district resource allocation; teacher compensation; training and labor markets; instructional policy; higher education productivity and finance; and special education.

The journal is published by the MIT Press for the Association for Education Finance and Policy. AEFP members will receive the journal as a benefit of membership in the organization.