Education Finance and Policy

Just Accepted

  • The impact of schooling intensity on student learning: Evidence from a quasi-experiment. Vincenzo Andrietti and Xuejuan Su
  • Supplement or Supplant? Estimating the Impact of State Lottery Earmarks on Higher Education Funding. Elizabeth Bell, Wesley Wehde, and Madeleine Stucky
  • Can Simplifying Financial Aid Offers Impact College Enrollment and Borrowing? Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Evidence. Kelly Ochs Rosinger

Early Access

  • Validating Teacher Effects on Students’ Attitudes and Behaviors: Evidence from Random Assignment of Teachers to Students. David Blazar
  • I Want You! Expanding College Access through Targeted Recruiting Efforts. Brian J. Miller and William L. Skimmyhorn
  • The Impact of State Aid Reform on Property Values: A Case Study of Maryland's Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act. Il Hwan Chung, William Duncombe, and John Yinger
  • The Effects of Subgroup-Specific Accountability on Teacher Turnover and Attrition. Matthew Shirrell


Forthcoming in Education Finance and Policy Vol. 14, No. 1, Winter 2019

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School Choice in Amsterdam: Which Schools are Chosen when School Choice is Free?
Nienke Ruijs, Hessel Oosterbeek

Court-Ordered Finance Reforms in the Adequacy Era: Heterogeneous Causal Effects and Sensitivity
Kenneth A. Shores, Christopher Andrew Candelaria

Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 4, Fall 2018

Education Finance and Policy - Volume 13, Issue 4, Falll 2018


Financial Incentives and Educational Investment: The Impact of Performance-based Scholarships on Student Time Use. Lisa Barrow and Cecilia Elena Rouse. Education Finance and Policy Fall 2018, Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 419–448.

We evaluate the effect of performance-based scholarship programs for postsecondary students on student time use and effort.

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