Forthcoming in Education Finance and Policy Vol. 14, No. 3, Summer 2019

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Principal Effectiveness and Principal Turnover
Jason A. Grissom and Brendan Bartanen

The Uneven Implementation of Universal School Policies: Maternal Education and Florida's Mandatory Grade Retention Policy
Umut Ozek, Christina LiCalsi, and David Figlio

“No Excuses” Charter Schools and College Enrollment: New Evidence from a High School Network in Chicago
Matthew Davis and Blake Heller

Donors and Founders on Charter School Boards and their Impact on Financial and Academic Outcomes
Charisse A. Gulosino and Elif Şişli Ciamarra

College Major Choice and Neighborhood Effects in a Historically Segregated Society: Evidence from South Africa
Biniam E. Bedasso

Raising the Bar for College Admission: North Carolina’s Increase in Minimum Math Course Requirements
Charles T. Clotfelter, Steven W. Hemelt, and Helen F. Ladd

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