Forthcoming in Education Finance and Policy Vol. 15, No. 4, Fall 2020


The Effect of Local Labor Market Downturns on Postsecondary Enrollment and Program Choice
Andrew Foote and Michel Grosz

Nudging Technology Use: Descriptive and Experimental Evidence from School Information Systems
Peter Bergman

Cross-Generational Differences in Educational Outcomes in the Second Great Wave of Immigration
David Figlio and Umut Özek

Does School Finance Reform Reduce the Race Gap in School Funding?
Michah W. Rothbart

When Does Money Stick in Education? Evidence from a Kinked Grant Rule
Antti Saastamoinen and Mika Kortelainen

Do Teach For America Corps Members Still Improve Student Achievement? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial of Teach For America’s Scale-Up Effort
Melissa A. Clark and Eric Isenberg

Policy Brief

Civic Engagement in Education: Insights from California’s Local Control Funding Formula
Julie Marsh, Tasminda K. Dhaliwal, Michelle Hall, and Morgan S. Polikoff