Forthcoming in Education Finance and Policy Vol. 15, No. 1, Winter 2020

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Presidential Essay

Maximizing Research Use in the World we Actually Live in: Relationships, Organizations, and Interpretation
Carrie Conaway


Vocational and Career Tech Education in American High Schools: The Value of Depth Over Breadth
Daniel Kreisman and Kevin Stange

How Does an Accountability Program that Targets Achievement Gaps Affect Student Performance?
Steven W. Hemelt and Brian A. Jacob

The Effects of School Reform under NCLB Waivers: Evidence from Focus Schools in Kentucky
Sade Bonilla and Thomas S. Dee

Disentangling the Effects of the School Year from the School Day: Evidence from the TIMSS Assessments
Derek Wu

Supplement or Supplant? Estimating the Impact of State Lottery Earmarks on Higher Education Funding
Elizabeth Bell, Wesley Wehde, and Madeleine Stucky

Does Broad-Based Merit Aid Improve College Completion? Evidence from New Mexico’s Lottery Scholarship
Christopher Patrick Erwin and Melissa Binder

Policy Brief

The Fiscal Externalities of Charter Schools: Evidence from North Carolina
Helen F. Ladd and John Singleton