The American Education Finance Association Yearbooks have produced some of the most important scholarly research and thought on the subject of finance of public, private and higher education, in the United States, Canada and around the World.
Yearbooks Archive
Year Senior Editors Title
2005 Leanna Stiefel
Amy Ellen Swartz
Ross Rubenstein
Jeffrey Zabel
Measuring School Performance and Efficiency: Implications for Practice and Research
2004 Karen De Moss Kenneth Wong Money, Politics and Law: Intersections of Conflicting Cotexts in the Provision of Educational Opportunity
2003 Marge Plecki
David Monk
School Finance and Teacher Quality:
Exploring the Connections
2002 Henry M. Levin
Patrick J. McEwan
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Education: Methods, Findings, and Potential
2001 Steve Chaikind
William Fowler
A Survey and Reassessment of Education Finance at the Start of the Millennium Available from Eye On Education
2000 Neil D. Theobald
Betty Malen
Balancing Local Control and State Responsibility For K-12 Education Available from Eye On Education
1999 Margaret E. Goertz
Allan Odden
School-Based Financing
1998 Thomas G. Parrish
Jay G. Chambers
Funding Special Education
1997 Kathleen C. Westbrook Technology & the Educational WorkPlace: Understanding Fiscal Impacts
1996 David Honeyman Issues in the Financing of Higher Education
1995 Lawrence O. Picus Where Does the Money Go? Resource Allocation in Elementary & Secondary Schools
1994 Robert Berne Outcome Equity in Education
1993 Stephen L. Jacobson The Emerging Systemic Approach
1992 Patricia Anthony Helping At-Risk Students: What Are the Educational and Financial Costs?
1991 James G. Ward Demographic Trends and Student Diverrsity: Challenges for School Finance Policy
1990 Deborah A. Verstegen Spheres of Justice in Education
1989 Julie K. Underwood The Impact of Litigation and Legislation on Public School Finance
1988 David H. Monk Micro-level School Finance
1987 Kern Alexander Attracting and Compensating America's Teachers
1986 Mary P. McKeown-Moak Values in Conflict: Funding Priorities for Higher Education
1985 Van Mueller The Fiscal, Legal, and Political Aspects of State Reform of Elementary and Secondary Education
1984 L. Dean Webb Managing Limited Resources: New Demands on Public School Management
1983 Allan Odden School Finance and School Improvement Linkages for the 1980s
1982 Nelda Cambron-McCabe The Changing Politics of School Finance
1981 K. Forbis Jordan Perspectives in State School Support Programs
1980 James Guthrie School Finance Policies and Practices