AEFP 46th Annual Conference

Promoting Equity and Opportunity Through Education Policy Research

Held Virtually from March 17-19, 2021


As a dynamic organization, AEFP needs to tackle the important education finance issues of the day. They are not solely about funding mechanisms and alternative approaches to taxation. Teachers' decisions about where to teach and how to teach strongly affect the cost of education. Moreover, both federal and state policies now link governance and instructional practices directly to finance. Key education finance policymakers also are key policymakers for personnel policies, governance policies, and curricular and instructional policies. Our journal has reflected this link between finance and policy since its inception.

Virtual Networking Series

The Association for Education Finance & Policy will host a series of networking events throughout the fall and spring. In an attempt to foster meaningful connections, we have organized sessions based on topical area. While not required, we encourage you to RSVP beforehand to help us develop group breakouts before the event.

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Articles for Understanding: Systemic Racism

Recent events have shone a spotlight on racial violence, police brutality, and the deep systemic issues that enable injustice and cruelty against people of color. Protests are calling not only for justice in individual cases, but for total reform of systems built on centuries of racism and inequality. For real change to occur, it is essential to consult the corpus of evidence-based scholarship on race, history, and public policy to help chart a path toward an anti-racist future.
The following articles were selected by the MIT Press Journals’ editorial offices as works that offer valuable perspectives on various aspects of systemic racism and racial violence.


AEFP Meetings Code of Conduct

The Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) mission statement holds that the organization’s purpose is to understand the “means by which resources are generated, distributed and used to enhance human learning,” and that this endeavor is supported by “responsible public and professional deliberation and debate.”

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