The AEFP Fellows initiative is a pilot aimed at formalizing a structure through which graduate student members can learn about board activities, grow leadership skills, and contribute to AEFP programming that targets graduate students. 

Heading into the 2022 conference, we invite applications from graduate students for two positions on the Membership and Outreach (M&O) subcommittee of the board. 

We have aligned the implementation timeline so that the selected graduate student representatives will have the opportunity to interact with current members of the M&O subcommittee and learn about board duties and processes before fully joining the committee alongside newly elected board members (following the 2022 conference). 

Program Components, Expectations, and Benefits

  • Chair and subset of current M&O committee will hold a welcome meeting with selected graduate student representatives leading into the 2022 conference to acclimate them to the duties of the M&O committee.
  • Selected graduate student representatives will (1) attend relevant programming at the 2022 conference to get a sense of where they might like to contribute during their terms; and (2) help facilitate the collection of feedback from a broad swath of graduate student members regarding AEFP programming for graduate students. 
  • Term length: 2 years (i.e., ends at the conclusion of the 2024 conference)
  • Expectations: Student representatives will participate in subcommittee meetings, participate in conference-related programming focused on graduate students, and serve as a conduit for soliciting broader graduate student input regarding relevant AEFP activities.
  • Benefits: Exposure to members of the board, opportunity to build leadership skills and shape programing that focuses on graduate students.

AEFP will cover membership fees and conference registration costs for the selected fellows (two in 2022 and four in 2023). 

Selection criteria will take into account student’s stage in their doctoral program, past AEFP participation, strength of rationale for desired involvement, and a commitment to hearing from a diverse set of graduate student voices, especially those with limited institutional representation at AEFP.

Application Details

  • Application deadline: December 17, 2021 
  • Appointment decision: January 2022 

Interested in serving as an AEFP Graduate Student Fellow on the membership and outreach committee?

Submit your application here.