Call for Editors

The Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) invites applications for the editorship of Education Finance and Policy (EFP), the association’s journal. EFP publishes high-quality, policy-relevant research articles and briefs on education finance, policy, and practice. The journal draws from a range of fields and disciplines and covers topics that span early childhood to graduate education in the United States and around the world. EFP is published by MIT Press.
The EFP editorship is a three-year term. The term will begin on July 1, 2023. The editor (or team of two co-editors) are responsible for:
  • Working with the AEFP Publications Committee to set the direction for the journal
  • Making editorial decisions about submitted manuscripts based on article suitability and quality, with appropriate feedback to authors from the editors and reviewers
  • Facilitating a professional, efficient, and fast review process for authors 
  • Planning journal issues
  • Managing a team of associate editors and editorial assistants to advance the journal’s work
Candidates for the EFP editorship should be established scholars in the fields of education finance and/or policy. They should possess the managerial and organizational skills necessary to lead a high-impact journal. Past editorial experience is helpful but not required. We expect that the editor(s) will form an editorial team alongside a group of associate editors, though prospective editors can propose the editorial team structure they believe will work best. The editorial team should reflect AEFP’s commitment to diversity and inclusion on multiple dimensions. 
Scholars interested in applying to be the editor of EFP should complete the online application form: EFP Editorship Application Form. Applications will be due by January 20, 2023. Applications will include:
  • Names of proposed editor or editors and their current CVs
  • A statement of the proposed editor’s (or co-editors’) qualifications for the editorship
  • A list of potential associate editors with brief justification; this list need not be finalized 
  • A short vision statement for the next three years of EFP and a plan for managing the journal to achieve this vision
  • A commitment of support from the potential editors' institutions to fund an editorial assistant or managing editor to coordinate the journals' work. This commitment is approximately $20,000 to fund external assistance, though could be less with in-kind institutional support (e.g., funding an advanced doctoral student at the institution). Prospective editors are welcome to reach out to Lydia Ross ( with questions about this commitment. 
Editors will be selected by the AEFP Publications and Executive Committees.