Community Groups

To help foster more supportive spaces within AEFP, we created member community groups. These groups strive to build community, create networks, and share professional resources. We currently have 7 community groups: 
  • Doctoral Students
  • First-generation Scholars
  • LGBTQ+ Scholars 
  • Policymakers & Practitioners 
  • Qualitative Policy Scholars 
  • Scholars of Color 
  • Scholars of Education in Developing Countries 
Our community groups are open to everyone! You DO NOT need to be an AEFP member to participate.

To access community groups, you will need to login or create a member account. If you do not want to be a member of AEFP, please create a free membership account by selecting "Community Group Member" at the registration. Once logged in, you will be able to join community groups through your profile. 

Join AEFP Community Groups

Select "Community Group Member" under member type to access all AEFP Community Groups!