AEFP 45th Annual Conference

Toward a Meaningful Impact through Research, Policy & Practice

March 19-21, 2020

AEFP 45th Annual Conference - Paper/Poster Download

Authors should have papers to chairs by March 13, via either upload to the online site using below link, or directly to the chair if work is embargoed. Panelists may choose to swap papers for one-on-one feedback outside the session/conference.

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5.05 - Guidance, Mental Health and Neighborhoods

  • School Transit and Accessing Public School in Detroit. Pogodzinski, B., Lenhoff, S.W., Singer, J, & Cook, W. . Download

Poster Session II

  • An Exploration of School Improvement Priorities Issued by the Kentucky Department of Education. Matthew B. Courtney. Download
  • Transitional 9th Grade: Evaluation of Effectiveness. Laura Boudreaux/Wanda Trahan. Download
  • Status Anxiety and Charter School Expansion in California. Richard Paquin Morel. Download
  • Peer Effects, Parental Migration and Children's Human Capital. Zibin Huang. Download
  • The Shifting Context of Special Education Teachers’ Work and its Relationship with Retention  . Allison Gilmour, Tuan D. Nguyen, Christopher Redding, and Elizabeth Bettini. Download
  • The Impact of STEM Teacher Preparation and Professional Development on Im/Migrant and Humanitarian Migrant Youth Outcomes.. Alexander W. Wiseman & Jessica Gottlieb. Download
  • Transition to Workforce and Postsecondary Education for Students with Disabilities in Career and Technical Education . Catherine Duggan, Shaun Dougherty & Yunee Yoon. Download
  • Children's knowledge and skills at kindergarten entry in Illinois. Jill Bowdon. Download
  • Designing for Coherence While Managing Incoherence: Comparing Six School Systems’ Efforts to Improve Instruction . Naomi Blaushild, James Spillane, Christine Neumerski, Jennifer Seelig. Download
  • Principals' Perceptions of Distributed Leadership Under an Era of Heightened Accountability: An Exploratory Study. Dr. Michelle Maltempi . Download
  • The Impact of Community Eligibility Provision of Free Lunch on Student Achievement. Kari Dalane. Download
  • Evaluation of North Carolina’s Classroom Teacher Position Allotment. Chris Needham, & Eric Houck Ph.D.. Download
  • The Burden of Teacher Evaluation on School Administrator Stress and Turnover. Seth B Hunter, Luis A Rodriguez. Download
  • The Effect of Performance Pay for Principals on Principal Labor Markets. Hajime Mitani. Download
  • Keeping up with the Joneses: District Adoption . Cameron Anglum & Aaron Park. Download
  • Changing Advertised Financial Aid Awards: The Effect on Matriculation. Zachary G. Davis. Download
  • Grading practices of international instructors at research universities. Trang Pham. Download
  • Perceptions of Fairness and Burden in Tennessee's Statewide Teacher Evaluation System: How Educator Preparation and Information . Wesley Morris. Download
  • Development and Validation of a Cross-Sector School Culture Survey. Ashley A. Grant, Kelly Siegel-Stechler, Jay Plasman. Download
  • The Impact of Child Care Regulations on the Cost and Quality of Care and Maternal Labor Supply. Jennifer Graves and Kathryn (Katy) Rouse. Download
  • On-going Legacy of NCLB: The Institute of Education Sciences. Allison A. Serceki. Download
  • Understanding the relationship between high-stakes test scores and long-term outcomes: Evidence from Massachusetts. John P. Papay, Ann Mantil, Richard Murnane, Lily An. Download
  • The Impact of Charter Expansion on Traditional Public School Districts: Evidence from Texas. Lauren Covelli. Download
  • Understanding Recent California Policy Initiatives in Developmental Education. Elizabeth Morris, Elif Yucel, David Velasquez, Cheryl Ching, Federick Ngo, Tatiana Melguizo. Download
  • On-time Graduation: Disadvantaged Groups in STEM Majors . Kubra Say. Download
  • Sleep More, Study Less? The Impact of Delayed School Start Times on Sleep and Academic Performance. Jinseok Shin. Download
  • Program Evaluation with Administrative Data: New Applications, Promise, and Challenges with Value-Added Models. Robert Shand Yilin Pan Stephen Leach Samreen Nayyer-Qureshi Fiona Hollands Bo Yan Dena Dossett Yixin Wang Laura Head Florence Ch. Download
  • Impact of School Finance Ballot Initiatives on Academic Success A District-Level Analysis Using Propensity Scores. Matthew R. Koziol. Download
  • The Effects of Principal and Teacher Demographic Similarity on Teacher Turnover and School Climate. Ikhee Cho. Download
  • Unionization & Collective Bargaining in Charter Schools. Sean Gill & Lesley Lavery . Download
  • Income volatility and achievement gaps. Thomas Goldring. Download
  • FAFSA and Beyond: Advising On College Expenses and Financial Aid in Underserved High Schools. Meredith S. Billings, Ashley B, Clayton, and Rachel Worsham. Download
  • Is There Shortage of Rural School Principal? Examining the Rural Principal Shortage Using Application Information. Minseok Yang, Se Woong Lee, Peter Goff. Download
  • The Geography of Rural Educational Opportunity. Jessica C. Boyle, Anne Podolsky, Sean F. Reardon, Gabrielle Torrance. Download
  • Student-Based Budgeting: A Case Study in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Angelique N. Crutchfield, Christopher A. Candelaria, Matthew G. Springer. Download
  • State-Owned Enterprises Reform, Employment and Tertiary Education in Urban China. Chengdi Hu. Download

6.11 - Pre-Admissions Decisions: What to Consider and When

  • Admissions Policies, Cohort Composition, and Academic Success: Evidence from California. Michel Grosz. Download
  • You’re Admitted! Early Evidence on Enrollment from Idaho’s Direct Admissions System. Taylor K. Odle, Jennifer A. Delaney. Download
  • If College-For-All, Then College Prep-For-All?. Brian Holzman. Download

Poster Session I

  • Homeless Students and their Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Tennessee. Monica Hernandez and Ela Joshi. Download
  • Does composition of public expenditures on tertiary education affect equity?. WON HEE NA/Young Lee, Ph.D.. Download
  • The Comprehensive Support and Improvement of Lowest Performing Schools under ESSA: An Evaluation of State Plans. Shelby M. McNeill, Gary T. Henry, Lauren Covelli, Allison R. Redden, and Angelique N. Crutchfield. Download
  • The Landscape of Sex Education Policies in Florida Schools. Brittany Closson-Pitts. Download
  • Leveraging Managerial Autonomy to Turn Around Low Performing Schools: Evidence from the Innovation Schools Program in Denver Pub. Philip Gigliotti. Download
  • Are We There Yet? Findings from a National, Cross-Sector Survey of Parents on K-12 Transportation. Andrew D. Catt. Download
  • Attendance monetary incentives and the phantom menace. Bernardo Lara and Eduardo Fajnzylber. Download
  • The Relationship Between Immigration Enforcement and Educational Attainment: An Exploratory Analysis of Sanctuary Policies. Daniel Corral. Download
  • Defining and Predicting Teachers’ Supplementation of Official Curriculum Materials: An Exploratory Analysis. Morgan Polikoff and Daniel Silver. Download
  • A Burden on the Poor: Compliance Cost Variation in FAFSA Verification. Alberto Guzman-Alvarez and Lindsay C. Page. Download
  • Assistant Principal Feelings of Preparedness to Step into the Principalship. Youjin Chung. Download
  • Application of the Comparable Wage Index for Teachers (CWIFT) to School District Education Finance Data. Howell, M. and Ampadu, O.. Download
  • Teacher Salary Gaps in California Before and After the Local Control Funding Formula. Dylan Hawksworth-Lutzow & Heather Rose. Download
  • Revisiting Teacher Quality Gaps: Geographic Disparities in Access to Highly Effective Teachers Across Tennessee. Luis A. Rodriguez, New York University Tuan D. Nguyen, Kansas State University Matthew G. Springer, University of North Carolina. Download
  • Estimates of the Impact of Natural Disasters on Total Enrollments and First-Year Undergraduate Enrollments in the U.S.. Rodney Hughes and Alexa Cecil. Download
  • Public Education Capital Outlay and Debt Service (PECO) Trust Fund: Policy Recommendation to Increase Revenue. Wesley Lewis. Download
  • Technology as Infrastructure for Change. Alexandra J. Lamb. Download
  • The Leaky Superintendent Pipeline: Gender, Career Pathways, and the Underrepresentation of Women in District Leadership. Jennifer D. Timmer & Jason A. Grissom. Download
  • Does Beginning Teacher Mentoring Impact Their Retention?. Yujia Liu, Emily Penner. Download
  • Beyond Parametric Models: Data Mining Approaches for Predicting the Impacts of Financial Aid on Degree Attainment. Kubra Say. Download
  • Community-Engaged College Access: Model-building Expanded Service Delivery to Increase Post-Secondary Participation. Carol Cutler White. Download
  • Social Media and School Bond Elections: Localizing Facebook’s Influence on Election Results. . Lauren H. Loyless and James R. Harrington . Download
  • Disparate Implementation of School Discipline and Approaches to Equitable School Discipline. Habiba Ibrahim, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate; Gary Ritter, PhD, Professor and Dean, Saint Louis University. Download
  • Exploring Reverse Transfer in Higher Education. Andrea Chambers. Download
  • From One Generation to the Next: Socio-economic Status and Financial-Aid Determinants of Second and Third Generation Latinx-Amer. Heather Epstein-Diaz. Download
  • Are We There Yet? Findings from a National, Cross-Sector Survey of Parents on K–12 Transportation. Andrew D. Catt. Download
  • Disentangling the Conceptual Blur in Policy Practice between WSF and SBA. Justin Dayhoff, Filippo Bulgarelli, & Jason Becker. Download
  • Examining the relationship between psychosocial and academic outcomes in higher education: A descriptive analysis. Elise Swanson, Tatiana Melguizo, and Francisco Martorell. Download
  • California's Career Education Programs and their Long-Term Wage Outcomes, a regional examination. Courtney Lee. Download
  • California's Career Education Programs and their Long-Term Wage Outcomes, a regional examination. Courtney Lee. Download
  • The Cloak of Equality in STEM Education: Gender Differences in STEM expectations, Task values, and Achievement. Jessica J. Gottlieb, Alexander W. Wiseman, and Rebecca Hite. Download
  • A Rising Tide that Lifted All Boats? The Effects of Competition on Early Childhood Education Quality. Qing Zhang and Jade Jenkins. Download
  • The Cloak of Equality in STEM Education: Gender Differences in STEM expectations, Task values, and Achievement. Jessica J. Gottlieb, Alexander W. Wiseman, and Rebecca Hite. Download
  • Assessing Teachers’ Perceptions of Human Capital Management System Alignment of Teacher Leadership Initiatives. Matthew Finster, Anthony Milanowski. Download
  • Impact of Work-Based Learning on Florida Community College STEM Education and Careers - Preliminary Findings. Kellie Kim and Lois Joy. Download
  • Examining the Relationship between Psychosocial and Academic Outcomes in Higher Education: A Descriptive Analysis. Elise Swanson, Tatiana Melguizo, Francisco (Paco) Martorell. Download
  • California's Career Education Programs and their Long-Term Wage Outcomes, a regional examination. Courtney Lee. Download
  • Community-Engaged College Access: Model-building Expanded Service Delivery to Increase Post-Secondary Participation. Carol Cutler White. Download
  • Heterogeneity of Socioeconomic Status on College Enrollment for English Language Learners. Justin Kumbal. Download
  • Do resources matter? Generating a production function to estimate district-level performance on national assessments. Samuel Correa. Download
  • Evaluating the Effects of a Virtual Charter School on Student Achievement. James Paul and Patrick Wolf . Download
  • Do Charter Schools Outspend Public Schools Online? Evidence from Texas. Joshua Childs, Zach Taylor. Download
  • Connecting Students to Schools: The Role of Website Size and Visibility on School Decision-Making. Zach Taylor, Joshua Childs. Download

11.09 - Friends Unlike Me: Peer Groups in Postsecondary Education

  • Classmates Like Me: Race and Ethnicity in College. Daniel M. Oliver. Download
  • Social Networks and College Performance: Evidence from Dining Data. Darius D. Martin, Adam C. Wright, and John M. Krieg. Download

8.06 - Pathways through Postsecondary Study: Articulation Agreements, Reverse Transfer, and Student Progress

  • Early Effects of North Carolina’s Comprehensive Articulation Agreement on Bachelor’s Degree Completion. Rachel E Worsham, Melissa Whatley, Renee Barger, Audrey J Jaeger. Download

3.09 - Early Postsecondary Opportunities and Student Success

  • Advanced Placement and Initial College Enrollment: Evidence from an Experiment. Dylan Conger, Mark C. Long, Raymond McGhee Jr.. Download

5.08 - Context Matters: Community Influences on Postsecondary Education


11.04 - Adapting to Fiscal Constraints in Education

  • The unintended consequences of a four-day school week on house prices: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in Colorado. Adam D. Nowak, Frank Perrone, Patrick S. Smith. Download

10.03 - The Impact of School Leadership

  • Does quality principal feedback help improve teaching practices? Perspectives from the teachers and students. Xintong Li, Jihyun Kim. Download

8.09 - Free College, Tuition Price Shocks and Debt

  • Stretched Thin? Promise Program Effects on Community Colleges’ Revenues. Denisa Gandara, Meredith Billings, Amy Li. Download

4.07 - Curriculum and Grading Standards

  • Evolution vs. Creationism in the Classroom: The Effects of Non-Scientific Education Standards. Benjamin Arold. Download

6.06 - Vouchers and Student Performance

  • School Vouchers Priced to Work: A proposal for a system of variable matching grants for family private school spending. Nat Malkus. Download

3.10 - Race, Ethnicity, and Family Income: Inequality in Postsecondary Education

  • Linking ACS and IRS Data to Assess Educational Attainment by Family Income. Leah Clark, Jennifer Ortman, Nikolas Pharris-Ciurej, & John Voorheis. Download

3.02 - Curricular Interventions

  • Heterogeneous Effects of Sex Education on Teen Birth Rates. Nicholas D.E. Mark and Lawerence L. Wu. Download

4.05 - Tracking Revenues and Expenditures in Education

  • Do Relative or Absolute Spending Levels Matter More? Local Competition, Spending Spillover Effects, and Student Achievement. Nathan Favero, Kari Dalane, and Aeric Koerner. Download

11.08 - How Policy Choices Affect Student Well-Being

  • Happy 18th Birthday, Now Leave: The Hardships of Aging Out of Foster Care. Alexa Prettyman. Download

Features Policy Talks

  • Policy Brief: Teach For America as a Pipeline of Educators of Color. Rebecca Beeson. Download

Polciy Talks

  • Preventing Consumer Abuses in Postsecondary Education. Robert Shireman. Download

8.03 - Educational Funding from the Private Sector

  • The Determinants of Family Spending on Academic Tutoring and Other Extracurricular Activities for Children. Thomas Downes and Kieran Killeen. Download

5.04 - Weighted Funding Formulas

  • School Level Autonomy and Its Impact on Student Achievement. Jessica Merkle. Download

5.06 - Effects of Higher Education on Economic Mobility and Growth

  • The Relationship between Educational Opportunity and Upward Mobility in Rural America. Gabrielle Torrance. Download