AEFP 44th Annual Conference

Building the Connections Between Research and Policy

Kansas City Marriott Downtown - Kansas City, Missouri
March 21-23, 2019

AEFP 44th Annual Conference Program

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Brown-bag lunch and poster session 1 - Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
- Brown-bag Lunch and Poster Session I
Rongxin Zhang, Central University of Finance and Economics. The Policy Effect of Central Government on K-12 Education Financial Equity and Adequacy: A Case Based on China. Yuxiang Li, University of California - Berkeley
Cody Orr, Michigan State University. Work or Study? How Students Allocate Their Time
Matteo Zullo, Georgia State University & Georgia Institute of Technology. STEM vs Liberal Arts Education in Italy: An Assessment of PISA 2015
Aboozar Hadavand, Johns Hopkins University. Can MOOC Programs Improve Student Employment Prospects?. Jeffrey Leek, Johns Hopkins University, Ira Gooding, Johns Hopkins University
Stephanie Levin, Learning Policy Institute. Principal Turnover and Retention, a Conceptual Framework . Desiree Carver-Thomas, Learning Policy Institute
Katerina Sergi, National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center. Building a Unified and Integrated Early Childhood System: The Case-study of Mississippi. Megan Campbell, National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center, Mallory Hancock, National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center, Mimmo Parisi, National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center
Allison Atteberry, CU-Boulder. Do Schools Shape Learning Rates but not Levels? A Reconsideration of the Coleman Report Basic Assertion. Andrew McEachin, RAND Corp
David Sims, Brigham Young University. State Education Differences and the Social Benefits of Education
Becca Merrill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Systematic Narrative Review of Concepts of Teacher Working Conditions: Configuring A Construct Definition
Devon Lockard, Southern Methodist University. The Impact of Teacher Loan Forgiveness Programs on Black and Latino Teacher Recruitment
Wesley Edwards, The University of Texas at Austin. Investigating the Working Conditions for Teachers of Color in Houston Independent School District
Minh Thac Nguyen, University of Illinois at Chicago. Strategic Behaviors in Response to Teacher Pay-for-Performance Scheme: A Regression Discontinuity Approach
Sebastian Montenegro, University of Texas at Dallas. Heading Toward EXcellence, Access, and Success: Measuring the Effect of the TEXAS Grant on Students' Outcomes
Corinne Alfeld, Institute of Education Sciences. IES Funding Opportunities
Steve Ramos, Federal Reserve Board of Governirs. Aid for Whom? Examining the Impact of Financial Aid and Need on Student Outcomes
Hugo Garcia, Texas Tech University. The Role of High School Academic Calendar on Dual Credit Participation. Jon McNaughtan, Texas Tech University, Xingyang Li, Texas Tech University, Jaehoon Lee, Texas Tech University, Jessica Gottlieb, Texas Tech University
Jason Richwine, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. “Revisiting the Teacher Pay Gap”. Andrew Biggs, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Adity Shawal Nur, University of Missouri. The Implications of Methods of Measuring School Segregation. Brian Kisida, University of Missouri
Rachel Anne Burns, RTI International. Educational Debt for Veteran Students in Postsecondary Education
Haisheng Yang, University of Pennsylvania. Examining Teacher Mobility across Traditional and Charter Schools in Pennsylvania: Patterns, Contexts and Consequences . Matthew P. Steinberg, University of Pennsylvania
Ying Xu, Columbia University. The Impact of Information Capital on Household Educational Investment in China: Evidence from CFPS 2014 and 2016.. Po Yang, Peking University
Joanna Venator, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Monopsony in the Market for Teachers
Jeremy B. Landa, University of Connecticut. Do Teacher Preparation Location and District Proximity to a State Boundary Predict Novice Teacher Turnover? Descriptive Evidence from Connecticut
Minseok Yang, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Making the Match: Reconstructing Principal-Teacher Fit. Peter Goff, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lena Batt, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Xin Xie, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Yasmin Rodriguez-Escutia, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Constance Lindsay, Urban Institute. The Effects of Principal-Teacher Demographic Matching on Teacher Turnover in North Carolina. Anna J. Egalite, North Carolina State University
Dongfang Zhao, Beijing Normal University. How the characteristics of items influence the response order effect?. Bingjie Li, Beijing Normal University, Qian Zhao, Beijing Normal University
Rui Yan, UIC. The Effect of Charter School Cap-lifting Policy on Traditional Public School Districts
Carlos Diaz, Catholic University of Uruguay . Parental Involvement, Peer Effects and Youth Crime
Samuel J. Kamin, University of Connecticut. But Do I Get an A?: Causal Implications of Growth-based School Accountability Reports in NYC
Jacek Liwiński, University of Warsaw. The Impact of Compulsory Education on Employment and Earnings in a Transition Economy
Ain Grooms, University of Iowa. The TELL-ing Effect of Workplace Conditions on Teacher Absenteeism. Joshua Childs, University of Texas at Austin, Ain Grooms, University of Iowa, Amy Farley, University of Cincinnati
Julie W. Dallavis, University of Notre Dame. School Mission as a Moderating Influence on Voucher Outcomes in Indiana. Mark Berends, University of Notre Dame, R. Joseph Waddington, University of Kentucky
Delia B. Allen, Ph.D.. An Investigation into State Governance Structures and Education Finance Litigation Rulings: Is there a relationship between the outcomes of school funding lawsuits and how the state’s highest court justices are selected?
Lilika Belet, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Mapping the School Choice Landscape: Toward an Updated Classification of Charter Schools. Andrea J. Bingham, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Brandan Comfort, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Curtis Garcia, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Holly Sandler, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
David J. Schwegman, Syracuse University. Who Benefits from Accountability-Driven School Closure? Evidence from New York City. Robert Bifulco, Syracuse University
Nayyaf Al-jabri, Taibah University. The Potential Success of the Competency-based Education in Saudi Arabia. Fahad Alharbi, Taibah University, Turkey Alzahrani, Taibah University
Jeanne M. Powers, Arizona State University. Immigrant Status and Labor Market Mismatch: New Evidence from the 2012 US PIAAC. Margarita Pivovarova, Arizona State University, Eric Ambroso, Arizona State University
David G. Martinez, University of South Carolina. The Mediating Effects of Education Spending on Achievement in Arizona.. Margarita Pivovarova, Arizona State University
Dongwoo Kim, Texas Christian University. The Trade-off Between Pension Costs and Salary Expenditures in the Public Sector. Cory Koedel, University of Missouri, P. Brett Xiang, University of Missouri
Geraint Johnes, Lancaster University. Network Stochastic Frontier Analysis: a Bayesian Approach. Geraint Johnes, Lancaster University, Mike Tsionas, Lancaster University, Marwan Izzeldin, Lancaster University
Changhee Lee, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Effects of Comprehensive Interventions on Student Achievement and School Performance
Christopher Doss, RAND Corporation. Occupational Credentials for Jobs in the Sub-Baccalaureate STEM Economy: The Case of the Emerging Energy Sector in Ohio. Robert Bozick, RAND Corporation, Gabriella Gonzalez, RAND Corporation, Kyle Silar-Evans, RAND Corporation
Mark Weber, Rutgers University. The Effects of Charter School Proliferation on Public District School Spending: Evidence from New Jersey
Aubrey N. Comperatore, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “Grow Your Own”?: How Graduates of a 2+2 Teacher Preparation Partnership Stack up in Employment and Workforce Outcomes. Kevin C. Bastian, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Laura Bilbro-Berry, East Carolina University
Lindsey Burke, The Heritage Foundation. Does Regulation Reduce Specialization? Examining the Impact of Regulations on Private Schools of Choice in Four Locations. Corey DeAngelis, The Cato Institute
Shuangxin Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Impact of Education Cost Reduction on School Enrollment Rate in Rural China. Naijia Guo, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Zhao Rong, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Monica Flamini, UGA. Attracting Achievement? Magnet Schools, Diversity, Test Scores, and Funding . Walker Swain, UGA
Chris Brooks, Davidson College. Mr. Teacher goes to Washington: Trends in Congressional lobbying by educational interest groups, 1998 - 2017. Christopher R. Marsicano, Davidson College
Chris Salem, UC Santa Barbara. Who Benefits from School Transportation? Exploring Busing and Absenteeism in Rural Communities. Michael Gottfried, UC Santa Barbara, Jacob Kirksey, UC Santa Barbara
Daniel Mangrum, Vanderbilt University. Personal Finance Education Mandates and Student Loan Repayment
Sandra Spirovska, UW Madison. The Effect of Migration on Human Capital Level and Composition
Emily Isenberg, American Institutes for Research. Overview of National Household Education Survey (NHES) Supplementary Geocode Files
Amanda Gaulke, Kansas State University. Association between Type 1 Diabetes and performance in nationally standardized reading and mathematics tests - a population-based cohort study. Niels Skipper, Aarhus University, Stine Møller Sildorf, Copenhagen University Hospital, Tine M. Eriksen, VIVE – The Danish Center for Social Science Research, Nick Fabrin Nielsen, University of Copenhagen, Jannet Svensson, Copenhagen University Hospital
Joel Kaiyuan Han, Loyola University Chicago. Intergenerational Mobility in Education: Variation in Geography and Time. Jason Fletcher, UW-Madison
Robert Toutkoushian, University of Georgia. From “First to Finish”: Does College Graduation Vary by How First-Generation College Status is Defined?. Jennifer May-Trifiletti, University of Georgia, Ashley Clayton, Louisiana State University
Magdalena Bennett, Teachers College Columbia University. How Far is Too Far? Generalization of a Regression Discontinuity Design Away from the Cutoff
Ikhee Cho, University of Missouri. The Effects of Principal Mobility on Students and Teachers. Brian Kisida, University of Missouri, Marcus A. Winters, Boston University
Aaron Phipps, West Point. Jack of All Trades or Master of One? The Converging Skillsets of College Majors and Implications for Wage Polarization and Degree Inflation
Jin Chen, Beijing Normal University. A little goes a long way: Exploring how financial aid affects Chinese students’ college experiences and career decisions
Kate Eugenis, Clark County School District. Exploring the Effects of Changing Business Rules on Chronic Absenteeism Rates
Kubra Say, SUNY at Buffalo. Examining the Effects of Student Loans and Different Types of Financial Aids on College Attainment in 4-Year and-2 Year Colleges
Anna J. Egalite, North Carolina State University. The School Choice Tipping Point: An Analysis of the Competitive Effects of the Indiana Voucher Program on Public District Schools . Andrew Catt, EdChoice
Jeongim Jin, University of Oregon. The Effects of Working Conditions on Turnover Motivation of Korean Elementary School Teachers
Derek Gottlieb, University of Northern Colorado. State Power, Democratic Judgment: A Truly "Public" Accountability System. Jack Schneider, University of Massachusetts at Lowell
Melissa Whatley, University of Georgia. The Study Abroad Distinction: Examining the Relationship Between International Experience and Educational Attainment
Grace Shelton, Vanderbilt University. Tennessee’s Priority Schools: A Closer Look. J. Edward Guthrie, Vanderbilt University
Lauren DiRago-Duncan, University of Kentucky. Persistence of Peer Effects: Influences of Adolescent Peer Group on Labor Market Outcomes
Anthony Sparks, Southern Methodist University. The Relation Between State Characteristics and Reclassification Criteria for English Learners
Angela Watson, University of Arkansas. State of the Art: Examination of Policy Pressures and Attendance Trends in Arts Field Trips
Sarah C. McKenzie, University of Arkansas. Arkansas’ Coding for All – Is It Really Reaching All Kids? Examining Impacts of Race, Gender, and District Size. Kaitlin McKenzie, University of Arkansas
Maria Camila Morales, Georgia State University. Refugee Students and Peer Effects
Walt Ecton, Vanderbilt University. Revisiting Career and Technical Education in the Era of College and Career Readiness
Jason Michael Miller, University of Virginia. Person-organization Fit with Teaching Colleagues and Teacher Retention
Angela Dills, Western Carolina University. The Effects of School Choice on Mental Health. Corey A. DeAngelis, Cato Institute
Jeffery Allan DeFranco, Lake Tahoe Community College. Breaking Down Barriers to Access in Higher Education: Perspectives for Regional and State College Promise Stakeholders and Policy Makers. Jennifer Fox, Pepperdine University
Maria Marta Ferreyra, The World Bank. In Search of Better Opportunities: Sorting and Agglomeration Effects Among Young College Graduates in Colombia. Marigee Bacolod, Naval Postgraduate School, Jorge De La Roca, University of Southern California
Ian Kingsbury, University of Arkansas. "And Miles to Go before I Sleep": Measuring the Correlation between Testing Day Travel Distance and Achievement for Virtual School Students. Dennis Beck, University of Arkansas, Robert Maranto, University of Arkansas
Matthew Naven, University of California - Davis. Human Capital Formation During Childhood and Adolescence: Evidence from School Quality and Postsecondary Success in California
Nick Huntington-Klein, CSU Fullerton. Semester Course Load and Student Performance. Andrew Gill, CSU Fullerton
Brandi Holten, Denver Public Schools. Impact of Paper versus Computer-based Assessment Administration on Student Outcomes
Joel McFarland, National Center for Education Statistics. The Stability of Adolescents’ Family Poverty Status and its Relationship to Postsecondary Outcomes. Lauren Musu, National Center for Education Statistics
Andrew Jones, Mill River Unified Union School District. Implementation of Proficiency-Based Learning in Vermont High Schools: Building Educational Infrastructure to Support Instructional Reform
Yuwei Liang, Beijing Normal University. The better player in the reform, Secretary of Party Committee or School Principal?. Qian Zhao, Beijing Normal University
Tuan D Nguyen, Kansas State University. A Conceptual Framework of Teacher Attrition and Retention: A Systematic Review of the Empirical Literature and Insights from the Employee Turnover Literature
Pengju Zhang, Rutgers University. Does State Takeover of School District Make a Difference? . Michael Hayes, Rutgers University, Alan Sadovnik, Rutgers University
Maya Black, Purdue University. An Analysis of the Social Climate at Purdue University and Its Effects on the Minority Experience
Tareena Musaddiq, Georgia State University. What Are the Long Run Gains of Educating Girls? Evidence from a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Pakistan
Courtney Montague, Georgia State University. Teaching in a Virtual World: Examining Teacher Turnover Intention in Online Charter Schools. Christine Roch, Georgia State University
Andrew Saultz, Pacific University. A National Analysis of Charter School Location Relative to Neighborhood Poverty Rates
Joe Lux, University of Missouri - St. Louis. Salary Spiking? How Late Career Raises Impact Pension Benefits. James V. Shuls, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Catherine Armstrong, Harvard University. Understanding the Effects of a Universal-Access, District-Provided Pre-K Program. Christian Northrup, Fulton County Schools
Shanna Ricketts, Gwinnett County Public Schools. Examining the Reliability and Validity of an Alternative Methodology for Measuring Student Growth Used in a Teacher Compensation System
Yahya Shamekhi, Pennsylvania State University. Decomposition of Inequalities by Family Income in Higher Education Subsidies
Sivan Tuchman, Center on Reinventing Public Education. Access to Out-of-School Resources in Denver. Joseph A. Abbate, Princeton University, Sreekanth Krishnaiah, University of Illinois, Kellie J. MacPhee, University of Washington, Haowen Zheng, New York University
Anthony Milanowski, Education Analytics. Actionable Human Capital Analytics for Studying School-level Teacher Retention. Robert H. Meyer, Education Analytics, Ryan Veiga, Education Analytics
Nicholas I. Warner, Georgia State University. Public-Private School Choice and Scholarship Tax Credits. Robert D. Buschman, Georgia State University
Preston Magouirk, University of Virginia. New Evidence on Physical Activity in Elementary Schools: Disparities in Opportunity and Implications for Child Development
Louis Diez, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. MartkLab LLC-International Fundraising Consulting. Philanthropic Financing in State Universities in Spain: Differences and Lessons from the US Model. Carmen Perez-Esparrells, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Katherine Key, Georgia State University. Improving Education Quality through the Teacher Hiring Process
Andrew Litten, Cornerstone Research. The Effects of Public Unions on Compensation: Evidence from Wisconsin
Charisse Gulosino, University of Memphis. Operationalizing the Concept of Charter School Deserts in Research
Ekaterina Shibanova, NRU HSE. The Russian Excellence Initiative for Higher Education: an Econometric Evaluation of Short-Term Results. Tommaso Agasisti, Politecnico di Milano School of Management, Ekaterina Shibanova, NRU HSE, Daria Platonova, NRU HSE, Mikhail Lisuytkin, NRU HSE
David S. Woo, Vanderbilt University. Does Commitment Matter for Charter Teacher Mobility?: Examining the Contribution of Contextual and Psychological Factors on Differences in Turnover between TPS and Charter School Teachers. Anna Lisa Weiss, Vanderbilt University, Tuan D. Nguyen, Vanderbilt University
Minseok Yang, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Teacher Peer Effects on Job Transitions
Vivien W. Chen, Education Research and Data Center - State of Washington. High School Pathway to College Success in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Does Location Matter?. Tse-Chuan Yang, University at Albany SUNY