AEFP 45th Annual Conference

Toward a Meaningful Impact through Research, Policy & Practice

March 19-21, 2020

AEFP 45th Annual Conference Program

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Poster Session II - Friday, March 20, 2020 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
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Jessica Gottlieb, Texas Tech University. The Cloak of Equality in STEM Education: Gender differences in STEM perceptions and labor market participation . Jessica Gottlieb, Texas Tech University, Alexander W. Wiseman, Texas Tech University, Rebecca Hite, Texas Tech University
Jill Bowdon, AIR. Children's Knowledge and Skills at Kindergarten Entry in Illinois: Results from the First Statewide Administration of the Kindergarten Individual Development Survey . Jill Bowdon, AIR, Katie Dahlke, AIR, Rui Yang, AIR, Jingtong Pan, AIR
Maya Kaul, University of Pennsylvania. No Tolerance for Zero Tolerance: Predicting the Influence of the Harshness of School Discipline Policies on Students: Educational Outcomes in Chicago Public Schools. Maya Kaul, University of Pennsylvania
Emily Coady, University of Arkansas. Role Models: Student Emulation and Social Emotional Learning. Albert Cheng, University of Arkansas
Brian Bonsignore, Sylvan Learning Center. Yellow Ribbon Programs and the Targeted Recruitment of Veterans at Proprietary Institutions . Rachel Burns, RTI International
Richard Paquin Morel, University of Pittsburgh. Racial Competition and Charter School Expansion in California
Sean Gill, CRPE/University of Washington Bothell. Unionization & Collective Bargaining in Charter Schools . Lesley Lavery, Macalester College
Catherine A. Duggan, Vanderbilt University. Transition to Workforce and Postsecondary Education for Students with Disabilities in Career and Technical Education . Shaun Dougherty, Vanderbilt University, Yunee H. Yoon, Vanderbilt University
Hyungjo Hur, Purdue University Northwest . Factors Impacting Retention of Early Childhood Education Workforce. Hyungjo Hur, Purdue University Northwest , Ikhee Cho, University of Missouri, Donwe Choi, Texas Tech University
Amanda Danks, North Carolina State University. Impact of a Comprehensive District-Level Digital Learning Policy on High School Outcomes . Amanda Danks, North Carolina State University
Cody Orr, Michigan State University. Why Students Don't Study: Evidence from Survey and Administrative Data
Chris Needham, UNC-Chapel Hill. Evaluation of North Carolina’s Classroom Teacher Position Allotment. Eric Houck, UNC-Chapel Hill
James Harrington, University of Texas at Dallas. Under the Bright Friday Night Lights: Examining the Relationship between Accountability Ratings and School Bonds for Stadiums in Texas. Doug Goodman, University of Texas at Dallas, Laura Jackson, University of Texas at Tyler
Kari Dalane, American University. The Impact of Community Eligibility Provision of Free Lunch on Student Achievement. Kari Dalane, American University
Meredith S. Billings, Sam Houston State University. FAFSA and Beyond: Advising On College Expenses and Financial Aid in Underserved High Schools. Ashley B. Clayton, Louisiana State University, Rachel Worsham, North Carolina State University
Chengdi Hu, University of Rochester. State-owned Enterprise Reform, Employment Decline and Tertiary Education in Urban China
Benjamin Meadows, University of Tennessee. DACA On and Off: Asymmetric Responses to Risk Protections. Celeste Carruthers, University of Tennessee, Benjamin Meadows, University of Tennessee
Kirsten J Hancock, Telethon Kids Institute. Does labelling a student as 'below national minimum standards' change their academic progress?. Emma Adams, Telethon Kids Institute, Catherine Taylor, Telethon Kids Institute
S. Colby Woods, Tennessee Education Research Alliance. The State of Tennessee's Educator Labor Market. S. Colby Woods, Tennessee Education Research Alliance, J. Edward Guthrie, Tennessee Education Research Alliance
Connor Oswald, Florida State University. Struggling to Reach the International Benchmark: The Relationship between US Physics Teacher Preparation and TIMSS Advanced 2015 Student Achievement. Connor Oswald, Florida State University
Town Oh, Purdue University. How do High-skilled International Students Impact Domestic Students? An analysis using the post OPT-STEM Extension period
Matthew R. Koziol, University of Northern Colorado. Impact of Local Voter-Approved School Finance Ballot Initiatives on Academic Outcomes: A District-Level Analysis Using Propensity Scores
Lily An, Brown University. Understanding the relationship between high-stakes test scores and long-term outcomes: Evidence from Massachusetts. John Papay, Brown University, Ann Mantil, Brown University, Richard Murnane, Harvard University
Trang Pham, University of Missouri. Grading practices of international instructors at research universities
Lauren Covelli, Vanderbilt University Peabody College. The Impact of Charter Expansion on Traditional Public School Districts: Evidence from Texas
Kelun Lu, Johns Hopkins University. The Effect of Equalization Reform on Elite and Disadvantaged Elementary Schools: Evidence from the Text Mining of Social Media. Kelun Lu, Johns Hopkins University, Wei Ha, Peking University, Yiping Bai, University of Michigan
Christopher Redding, University of Florida. The Shifting Context of Special Education Teachers’ Work and its Relationship with Retention. Tuan D. Nguyen, Kansas State University, Allison F. Gilmour, Temple University, Christopher Redding, University of Florida, Elizabeth Bettini, Boston University
Allison A. Serceki, Chapman University. On-going Legacy of NCLB: The Institute of Education Sciences
Nicole Mader, The New School. School Choice in NYC: An Application of the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework. Nicole Mader, The New School
Jennifer Graves, Autonoma University of Madrid. The Impact of Child Care Regulations on the Cost and Quality of Care and Maternal Labor Supply. Kathryn Rouse, Elon Unversity
Jinseok Shin, University of Washington. Sleep More, Study Less? The Impact of Delayed School Start Times on Sleep and Academic Performance.
Qi ZHENG, University of Wisconsin-Madison. How Small Class Successes or Fails? Class Size Effects on Science Literacy and Classroom Process in PISA High Achieving Countries. Po Yang, Peking University
Tuan Nguyen, Kansas State University. Too tired to teach? The relationship between stress and burnout and teacher attrition behavior. Kristen Kremer, Kansas State University
Hee Jung Gong, University of Georgia. The Push for Access to Colleges: Statewide Testing Requirement Policies on College Access. Hee Jung Gong, University of Georgia, Charles Sanchez, American Council on Education
Elizabeth Morris, University of Southern California. Understanding Recent California Policy Initiatives in Developmental Education. Elif Yucel, University of Southern California, David Velasquez, University of Southern California, Cheryl Ching, University of Massachusetts Boston, Federick Ngo, University of Nevada
Alexander W. Wiseman, Texas Tech University. The Impact of STEM Teacher Preparation and Professional Development on Im/Migrant and Humanitarian Migrant Youth Outcomes. Alexander W. Wiseman, Texas Tech University, Jessica Gottlieb, Texas Tech University, Thuy Nguyen, Texas Tech University
Ashley A. Grant, Johns Hopkins University. Development and Validation of a Cross-Sector School Culture Survey. Kelly Siegel-Stechler, Johns Hopkins University, Jay S. Plasman, The Ohio State University
Olubunmi Agift Ajala, University of Leicester. Understanding teachers turnover hazards in England: A comparison of primary and secondary school teachers
Jessica C. Boyle, Stanford University. The Geography of Rural Educational Opportunity. Jessica C. Boyle, Stanford University, Anne Podolsky, Stanford University, Sean F. Reardon, Stanford University, Gabrielle Torrance, Stanford University
VINITHA VARGHESE, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO. The impact of an adult literacy program (ALP) on life satisfaction:evidence from a randomized field experiment in rural India
Hajime Mitani, Rowan University. The Effect of Performance Pay for Principals on Principal Labor Markets . Hajime Mitani, Rowan University
Daniel A. Collier, Upjohn Institute. Structuring First-Year Retention at a Regional Public Institution: Validating and Refining Bowman’s SEM Analysis. Dan Fitzpatrick, Western Michigan University
Molly E. Hall-Martin, University of Iowa. State Appropriations & Student Outcomes at Tribal Colleges and Universities
Laura Boudreaux, Louisiana Department of Education. Transitional 9th grade: Evaluation of Effectiveness. Wanda Trahan, Louisiana Department of Education
Junpeng Yan, University of Missouri. Right-digit matters: Retaking the ACT with unrounded composite score. Junpeng Yan, University of Missouri
Thomas Goldring, Georgia State University. Income volatility and achievement gaps
Jean Felix Ndashimye, Vanderbilt Univesity. Effect of Standardized Testing on Course Taking in Rural and Nonrural Schools: Evidence from Missouri
Wesley Morris, Vanderbilt University. Perceptions of Fairness and Burden in Tennessee's Statewide Teacher Evaluation System: How Educator Preparation and Information Systems Can Make a Difference
Angelique N. Crutchfield, Vanderbilt University. Student-Based Budgeting: A Case Study in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Christopher A. Candelaria, Vanderbilt University, Matthew G. Springer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Seth B Hunter, George Mason University. The Burden of Teacher Evaluation on School Administrator Stress and Turnover. Seth B Hunter, George Mason University, Luis A Rodriguez, New York University
Kubra Say, SUNY at Buffalo. On-time Graduation: Disadvantaged Groups in STEM Majors
Minseok Yang, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Is There Shortage of Rural School Principal? Examining the Rural Principal Shortage Using Application Information. Sewoong Lee, University of Missouri-Columbia, Peter Goff, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jennifer Paluch, Public Policy Institute of California. Education funding reform in California, maybe
J. Cameron Anglum, Saint Louis University. Why Do School Districts Adopt Four-Day School Weeks? Evidence from Missouri. J. Cameron Anglum, Saint Louis University, Aaron Park, Saint Louis University
David G. Marti­nez, University of South Carolina. The Influence of Localized Policy on South Carolina's Teacher Labor Market.. Henry Tran, University of South Carolina
Robert Shand, American University. Program Evaluation with Administrative Data: New Applications, Promise, and Challenges for Value-Added Models. Yilin Pan, Teachers College, Stephen Leach, Jefferson County Public Schools, Samreen Nayyer-Qureshi, Columbia University, Fiona Hollands, Teachers College, Bo Yan, Jefferson County Public Schools
Qi ZHENG, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Does Teacher Graduate from Normal University (Teacher Schools) Teach Better? Evidence from China. Xin Xie, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Xinliang Zhang, Nanjing Normal University, Xiangyi LIAO, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Matthew B. Courtney, Kentucky Department of Education. An Exploration of School Improvement Priorities Issued by the Kentucky Department of Education
Ikhee Cho, University of Missouri. The Effects of Principal and Teacher Demographic Matching on Teacher Turnover and School Climate
Ayesha Hashim, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Connecting to the Test: The effect of E-Rate subsidies for Internet connectivity on student test scores in California
Jacob Fowles, University of Kansas. All Rural is Not the Same: An Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach to Developing a Typology of Rural Schools
Naomi Blaushild, Northwestern University. Designing for coherence while managing incoherent environments: A comparative study of six school systems organizing for instructional improvement. Naomi Blaushild, Northwestern University, James Spillane, Northwestern University, Christine Neumerski, University of Maryland, Jennifer Seelig, Spencer Foundation
Zachary G Davis, Saint Vincent College. The Effect Of Changing Advertised Merit Aid Awards At A Small Liberal Arts College. Zachary G Davis, Saint Vincent College
Zibin Huang, University of Rochester. Are Migrant and Left-behind Children Bad Apples? Evidence from Classroom Random Assignment in China