AEFP 45th Annual Conference

Toward a Meaningful Impact through Research, Policy & Practice

The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel - Fort Worth, Texas
March 19-21, 2020

AEFP 44th Annual Conference Program

2020 program will be announced in early January. Check back soon for more information.


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Brown-bag lunch and poster session 2 - Friday, March 22, 2019 - 11:15am to 12:45pm
- Brown-bag Lunch and Poster Session II
Room: Basie Ballroom B & C
Kattalina Berriochoa, University of Massachusetts. Values and Institutions: Explaining Why Rural Americans Demand Less Public Education from Governments
Thomas Downes, Tufts University. The Determinants of Family Spending on Tutoring and Other Extracurricular Activities. Kieran Killeen, University of Vermont
Junghee Choi, Pennsylvania State University. Holistic Admissions and College Access. Kelly Rosinger, Pennsylvania State University, Karly Ford, Pennsylvania State University
Kathleen Curtin, D'Youville College. Improved Retention with Performance Funding in Higher Education. Roger Fiedler, D'Youville College, Bonnie Fox Garrity, D'Youville College
Daewoo Lee, Columbus State University. Geographical Constraints and College Choices: The Case of For-profit Colleges. Maureen Pirog, Indiana University
Stephen Crowder, Mississippi Department of Education. Influence of Racial Congruency on Student Performance. Yan Li, Mississippi Department of Education
Claire Ilo, Pepperdine University. Bridging the Gap in STEM Teachers Qualification Through Online Learning and Community. Sooraj Sushama, Pepperdine University
YUAN Chih Fu, National Chung Cheng University. Does the Uneven Proximity Drive the Inequality of Higher Education? The Application of Coarsened Exact Matching in Taiwan. Joseph Meng Chin, National Cheng Chi University, Jui Hung Kao, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences
Ibrahim Duyar, University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Power of Organizational Support in Promoting Teachers’ Professional Identity and Organizational Identification. Andrew Hunt, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Patrick Graff, University of Notre Dame. When the Numbers Don’t Add Up: Response to Teacher Shortage and the Impacts of Uncertified and Emergency Licensed Math Teachers on Student Achievement in Indiana
Valerie Bostwick, Ohio State University. Driving and Dropouts: The Effect of Graduated Driver’s Licenses on High School Drop Out Rates. Chris Severen, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Alexa Prettyman, GSU. Nudging to Improve School Attendance: How to Use Existing School Messaging Platforms to Inform Parents About Their Child's Academic Performance . Jonathan Smith, GSU, Tareena Musaddiq, GSU
Anna Marie Ramos, University of California - Davis. Complex Trajectories: A Closer Look At Reverse Transfers
Jeffery Allan DeFranco, Lake Tahoe Community College. Breaking Down Barriers to Access in Higher Education: Perspectives for Regional and State College Promise Stakeholders and Policy Makers
Nancy Duchesneau, Michigan State University. Using Restorative Justice as a Social-emotional Learning Intervention
Christopher Redding, University of Florida. The Effects of School Turnaround on Student Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Tuan Nguyen, Kansas State University
Rabia Tabassum, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). Gender-responsiveness of Education Budgets: Case Study of Pakistan . Saleem Munir, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Junaid Zahid, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Rabia Manzoor, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Vaqar Ahmed, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)
Lindsey Hammond, University of Georgia. The Relationship between Postsecondary State Degree Attainment Profiles on the Likelihood of Selection as One of the “Best States to Do Business”
Andreas de Barros, Harvard University. Do Students Benefit from Personalized Learning? Experimental Evidence from India. Alejandro Ganimian, New York University Steinhardt School of Education, Andreas de Barros, Harvard University, Karthik Muralidharan, University of California San Diego
Garrett Brann, Hanover Research. A Mixed-methods College and Career Readiness Evaluation at DeKalb County School District. Joy Mordica, DeKalb County School District, Michael Hines, DeKalb County School District, Joy Gitter, Hanover Research
Tommaso Agasisti, Politecnico di Milano School of Management. Cross-Country Analysis of Higher Education Institutions’ Efficiency: The Role of Strategic Positioning. Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent, Politecnico di Milano School of Management
Jerome Graham, University of Georgia. Counseling Crime: Effects of School-based Counselors on Youth Crime . Walker Swain, University of Georgia
Liping Ma, Peking University. Is Independent Admission Policy Effective on Talents’ Selection? An Empirical Study at a Top University In China. Shangcong Bu, Peking University
Ibrahim Duyar, University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Promoting Students' Collaborative Problem Solving through Innovative Teacher and Principal Practices
Jin Luo, The University of Texas at Dallas. Raising the Bar: The Effect of SB 175 on Diversity at the University of Texas at Austin. Rodney J. Andrews, The University of Texas at Dallas, Gregory Phelan, The University of Texas at Dallas, John Thompson, The University of Texas at Dallas
Policy Maker or Practitioner: Bradley Ward, Texas Tech University
Discussants: Bradley Ward, Texas Tech University
Emily Coady, University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform. The New Immigrant: Academic Achievement of Marshallese English Language Learners
Amanda Danks, North Carolina State University. Examining the Costs of District-level Approaches to Integrating Digital Learning into Schools. A. Brooks Bowden, North Carolina State University
Ting Shen, University of Missouri. Teacher Evaluation Using Student Survey: A Systematic Review. Christi Bergin, University of Missouri, Se Woong Lee, University of Missouri, Thomas Hairston, University of Missouri
Rebecca Davis, North Carolina State University. Addressing Hunger in School: An Analysis of the Costs and Potential Benefits of Food Insecurity Interventions. Brooks Bowden, North Carolina State University
Liping Ma, Peking University. Better Researcher, Better Teacher? An Empirical Study on the Impact of Research Performance on Teaching Quality in a Research University. Xiangyi Liao, Peking University
Minseok Yang, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Teacher Peer Effects on Job Transitions
Elise Swanson, University of Arkansas. Examining the Role of On-campus Support Services in Facilitating the Transition to College
Patrick Gourley, University of New Haven. Tenure and Faculty Course Evaluations . Greg Madonia, Cal State Chico
Tianheng Wang, Lousiana State University. The impact of classroom composition on students' academic achievement -- Evidence form China
Daniela Morar, Yale University. Foreign Instructors and Student STEM Outcomes
Stephen Wheeler, U.S. Census Bureau. The Feasibility of Collecting School-level Finance Data: An Evaluation of Data from the Second Year of the School-level Finance Survey (SLFS) School Year 2014–15. Stephen Q. Cornman, National Center for Education Statistics, David Reynolds, University of Missouri, Lei Zhou, Activate Research, Osei Ampadu, U.S. Census Bureau, Laura D'Antonio, U.S. Census Bureau
Robert Reichardt, Augenblick. Modeling the Costs of Concurrent Enrollment
Xiangyi Liao, Peking University. Private Tutoring at a Global View: Do National Factors Drive the Demand? Evidence from PISA 2015. Xiaoting Huang, Peking University
Shelbi Frayer, Michigan Department of Treasury. Proactive Prevention: How a New Approach to Financial Accountability is Saving Michigan Schools. Michael Wrobel, Michigan Department of Treasury
David S. Knight, University of Texas at El Paso. Does the Measurement Matter? Assessing Alternate Approaches to Measuring State School Finance Equity for California’s Local Control Funding Formula. Jesús Mendoza, City of El Paso
Karen Bussey, Howard University. Putting Equity into Federal and State Policy: Ten-year Review of Postsecondary Outcomes Gaps for Students of Color. India Heckstall, Higher Learning Advocates, Satra Taylor, Education Trust, Alyse Gray Parker, University of Texas at San Antonio
Katherine Kopotic, University of Arkansas. Indicators of College Success: The Relative Predictive Power of High School GPA and ACT Score, by High School Type. Evan Rhinesmith, St. Louis University
Jon Lozano, Indiana University. The Causal Effect (or Lack Thereof) of Socially Conservative State Legislation on College Applications and Enrollment. Christopher R. Marsicano, Davidson College
F. Frank Ayata, Pennsylvania State University. English Language Learner Scale in Arizona: A Proportional Funding Analysis.. David G. Martinez, University of South Carolina
Jennifer Darling-Aduana, Vanderbilt University. A Remote Instructor Like Me: Student-Teacher Congruence and Passive Bureaucratic Representation in Online, High School Courses
Jiayao Wu, University of Florida. Decentralizing Incentives: The Impact of Decentralizing Budgeting on Graduate Student Enrollment. Dennis Allan Kramer, University of Florida
Bingjie Chen, American Institutes for Research. What Do Teacher Preparation Stakeholder Surveys Tell Us About Teacher Effectiveness?. James Cowan, American Institutes for Research, Dan Goldhaber, American Institutes for Research, Roddy Theobald, American Institutes for Research
Lydia Ross, Arizona State University. Exploring Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes Regarding Affirmative Action Admissions Policies
Elizabeth S. Park, University of Southern California. Early Signal of Comparative Advantage in STEM Courses and the STEM Gender Gap in Community College
Catherine A. Manly, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Is Socioeconomic Status a Moderator of Pre-college Parental Saving’s Effect on Child Degree Attainment?
Andrea Briceno Mosquera, Virginia Tech University. In-state Resident Tuition (ISRT) for Undocumented Students: Examination of the Administrative Burdens in the Admission Process
Charles Midthun, UNC-Chapel Hill. Fiscal Inequity: How PTOS Exacerbate Issues in an Already Uneven Funding Landscape
Scott Delhommer, University of Texas at Austin. Flows into the STEM Pipeline
Jared Beasley, University of Missouri - Columbia. Examining the Relationships between Parent Perceptions of School and Their Involvement Behaviors
Qiong Zhu, Penn State University. The Changing Geography of College Opportunity: The Impact of Campus Closures and Mergers on Educational Attainment. Kelly Ochs Rosinger, Penn State University, Karly Sarita Ford, Penn State University
Liping Ma, Peking University. An Empirical Study on the Impact of Changing-Major Policy on the Major Choice of Undergraduate Students in an Elite University in China. Xinyue Zhang, Peking University
Sharda Jackson Smith, University of South Carolina (Upstate). Economic Indicators in Florida’s Education Funding Formula: Reconsidering Income through a Correlation Examination
David Mariott, Oklahoma State University. Postsecondary Outcomes of Oklahoma’s Promise and the Role of Public High Schools
Salma Mohammed, American Institutes for Research. Early Predictors of Secondary and Postsecondary Outcomes. Drew Atchison, American Institutes for Research, Laura Stein, American Institutes for Research
Corinne Alfeld, Institute of Education Sciences. IES Funding Opportunities
Nathan Barrett, Tulane University. Do Restorative Justice Practices Reduce Student Suspension and Recidivism Rates?. Monica Hernandez, Vanderbilt University, Alica Gerry, Tulane University
Wenting Lan, Tsinghua University. The Effect of Revenues on Public University Performance - From the Comparison Between Chinese Universities and American Universities. Peilin Qiu, University of Michigan
Chad Aldeman, Bellwether Education Partners. Safe Harbor? Social Security, Teacher Pensions, and the "Qualified" Retirement Plan Test. Gabriel Gassmann, University of Missouri
Andrea J. Bingham, University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Using Pilot Teachers to Facilitate Technological Innovation in Schools
Alberto Sasmay, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Effect of Growth Mindset on a High Stakes Test: Evidence from a Census dataset of Chilean Students and the National College Admissions Exam . Susana Claro, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Alberto Sasmay, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
XIAOWEI HAO, PEKING UNIVERSITY. Does Application Review Policy Help Enroll Doctoral Students with More Academic Potential? An Empirical Study on Ph.D. Graduates from 2008 to 2017 at a Top University in China.. LIPING MA, PEKING UNIVERSITY
Bradley Curs, University of Missouri. The Effects of Bowl Game Participation on Athletes and Institutions. Casandra Harper-Morris, University of Missouri, Brandan Wolak, University of Missouri
Carycruz Bueno, Georgia State University. Do Social-emotional Learning Skills Improve Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills
Miriam Greenberg, Harvard University. Strategic Data Project: Putting the "Prove" in School System Improvement
Alberto Jacinto, American University. Estimating the Effect of Gender Representation on Title IX Malpractice. Aeric Koerne, American University
Po YANG, Peking University. One Class Size for All? International Comparison of Class Size Effect Using PISA 2015. Qi Zheng, Peking University
Jason Becker, Allovue. Attributing Central Expenditures to Schools: What Most Districts Data Won’t Tell You
Xinya Liu, Tsinghua University. Is There Reverse Discrimination in Equalizing Opportunities to Elite High Schools? Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental Design. Fei Qin, Tsinghua University, Yu Zhang, Tsinghua University, Xuehan Zhou, Tsinghua University, Xuan Hu, Tsinghua University
Fahimeh Bahrami, The University of Veront. Identifying College Students' Course-Taking Patterns in STEM Fields
Tatiana Khavenson, NRU HSE. Supposed to Be Meritocratic. Educational Trajectories of High-achieving Students in Russia. Tatiana Chirkina, NRU HSE, Tommaso Agasisti, Politecnico di Milano
AMIT KUMAR, Jawaharlal Nehru University (India). Determinants of Household Expenditure on Higher Education in India: Evidence from NSSO Data
Youngwan Song, Georgia State University. Do Voters’ Turnout and Approval Rates of Budget Referenda Affect School Districts’ Budgeting Behaviors and Student Achievement? Evidence from School Districts in New York State
Ran Shi, Western Michigan University. Opening the Gateway without Lowering the Bar: After Passing Reformed Gateways Classes, How Do University Students Perform in Next-in-Sequence Courses?. Dan Fitzpatrick, Michigan State University, Daniel Collier, Western Michigan University, Katie E Easley, Western Michigan University, Keith M Hearit, Western Michigan University
Huriya Jabbar, The University of Texas at Austin. Choosing Transfer Institutions: Examining the Decisions of Texas Community College Students Transferring to Four-year Institutions. Wesley Edwards, The University of Texas at Austin
Michael S. Hayes, Rutgers University-Camden. Does Switching to a Four-day School Week Save Money? Evidence from Oklahoma and Idaho
Shanna Jaggars, The Ohio State University. Undermatching into Community College: High-achieving Students’ Perspectives on Choosing Two-year versus Four-year College Entry. Margaret Fay, Teachers College Columbia University, Negar Farakish, Teachers College - Columbia University
Iksang Yoon, The Ohio State University. Examining the Ways in Which Teacher Self-efficacy Beliefs Mediate the Relation Between the Quality of Teachers’ Professional Development and Their Use of Effective Instructional Practices. Roger Goddard, The Ohio State University
Moontae Hwang, University at Albany. Can a School Finance Reform Weather Economic Recession? The Case of New York State. Sorensen C. Lucy, University at Albany
Tony Solís Cruz, Davidson College. Are We There Yet? How Culturally Competent Comments Can Increase Grit, Motivation and Performance. Christopher R. Marsicano, Davidson College
Nathan Combes, Columbus State University. Electronic Core Curriculum: How Do Online Core Curriculum Courses Affect Student Success?. Daewoo Lee, Columbus State University
Tatiana Melguizo, University of Southern California. Exploring the Effects of a Comprehensive College Transition Program on Psychosocial Factors Associated with Success in College by Selected Student Characteristics. Francisco Martorell, The RAND Corporation
Andrew Van Alstyne, ASBO New York. Fixing the Resource and Achievement Gap in New York's Small City School Districts. Deborah Cunningham, ASBO New York
Matthew Finster, Westat. Cost-effectiveness of Three School Health Programs. Jill Feldman, Westat, Eva Chen, Westat