AEFP 44th Annual Conference

Building the Connections Between Research and Policy

Kansas City Marriott Downtown - Kansas City, Missouri
March 21-23, 2019

Call for Proposals - Guidelines

AEFP 44th Annual Conference

Kansas City Marriott Downtown - Kansas City, Missouri
March 21-23, 2019

Submission Dates: Oct 1-Nov 9, 2018

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Individual Paper/Poster

Papers and poster proposals on any topic in education finance and policy are welcome. Researchers present papers as part of a panel with three or four other papers and a chair. Researchers who present posters present them together during a time slot at the annual conference designated only for posters. AEFP will provide poster boards for poster presenters. Abstract is limited to 750 words. Topics are:

  1. Early childhood
  2. Educator preparation, professional development, performance and evaluation
  3. Educator labor markets (e.g., compensation, pensions, mobility, supply and demand)
  4. K-12 standards, accountability, assessment, and curriculum
  5. K-12 school finance
  6. K-12 school choice
  7. K-12 school politics, governance, leadership, and organizations
  8. K-12 interventions and short-term outcomes (academic and non-academic)
  9. Post-secondary access and admissions
  10. Post-secondary financial aid and student debt
  11. Post-secondary finance, governance, and accountability
  12. Long-term outcomes of education (e.g., employment, wages, civic participation)
  13. Methodology, data, and other papers that do not fit into another topic area

Policy Talk

In addition to individual papers, we strongly encourage proposals for policy talks, panel sessions of up to four presenters that focus on a topic of broad policy relevance. We have polled a number of education policy organizations and our board members to identify topics of particular interest right now. Policy talk proposals on one of these topics (listed below) will receive favorable treatment, although we also welcome submissions on other topics. We will also look favorably on proposals that are designed to serve as an incubator for policy briefs intended for publication in the association's journal, Education Finance and Policy. (For more on what a policy brief should be, see here.) Ideally, these panels would bring together researchers and policy makers/practitioners with different perspectives on a topic. The goal of the panel (and any subsequent brief) would be to highlight points of agreement and to note why disagreements exist.

Policy talk proposals are expected to include at least one policy maker or practitioner. Proposals that fail to include a policy maker or practitioner must include a paragraph justifying the omission and make clear why the panel will be of relevance to policy makers and practitioners.

Suggested topics for policy talks

  1. The future of work
  2. Teacher working conditions and teacher shortages
  3. Recent trends in school segregation
  4. Design of federal student aid programs in higher education
  5. School discipline disparities
  6. Gainful employment regulations in higher education
  7. Design of state funding systems for early childhood education

You may only submit one proposal as a presenter. You may be an author on multiple proposals so long as you present only once at the meeting.