AEFP-CUE Higher Education Award

The purpose of the AEFP-CUE Applied Higher Education award is to celebrate scholars who are engaged in exemplary applied research in higher education and in broad dissemination of results and policy implications. This award is designed to highlight applied education finance and/or policy research with substantial implications for public policy and practice in higher education.  


The winner will receive a $1,000 award and a plaque presented at the annual AEFP conference.

Award recipients will be expected to attend the 2024 AEFP annual conference to receive the award and present their research in an Award Winners session. 


The Awards Committee will reach out to nominated scholars for three papers or other research products (briefs, reports, etc.) that they feel best exemplify their contributions to date to higher education research. We recommend a blend of research papers and policy- or practitioner-oriented materials. Nominations will be evaluated on multiple dimensions, including:
  • Rigor of the research designs
  • Demonstrated impact on policy or practice
  • ​Potential for further inquiry



Scholars with research focused on higher education policy or finance.  Senior scholars (Associate or Full Professors or non-university-based researchers with similar experience) will generally be most competitive for the award.

Submission Process and Nominations

We encourage nominations, including self-nominations, for the Center for University Excellence award.  Please submit nomination materials before the deadline.

AEFP members and others may nominate higher education researchers for the Center for University Excellence award by clicking this link. Nominators should briefly highlight a specific research study, a research paper, a manuscript, or a more comprehensive body of work that should be considered for the award, and should describe the nominee’s impact on higher education policy or practice. To the extent possible, nominators will remain anonymous to the nominee.
Application Deadline: 
December 31, 2023

Application Form

Nomination Form