Early Career Award

The AEFP Early Career Award recognizes junior scholars with exemplary early career trajectories whose research substantially contributes to the field of education finance and policy.


The intent of the Early Career award is to recognize outstanding pre-tenure/unpromoted faculty members or non-academic researchers at an equivalent stage in their careers. Dates may be extended for those who have taken family, medical, or service leave or have other extenuating circumstances.

Selection Criteria 

Selection criteria include quality and policy relevance of scholarship, as well as the impact of the scholarship on actual policy. In addition, the awards committee will look favorably on nominees with a history of engagement in AEFP.


The recipient will receive a $1,000 award and a plaque presented at the annual AEFP conference. Award recipients will be expected to attend the AEFP annual conference to receive the award and will have the option to present their research in an Award Winners session.

Submission Process & Nominations 

Anyone may nominate individuals for the early career award. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. It is not necessary to be nominated by someone else.

Submission Requirements 

Applications must include:

  • CV

  • A nomination form 

  • (Optional) If the nominee has past engagement with AEFP that is not reflected in their CV, a brief description of that engagement can be included in the nomination form

Application Deadline: 
December 1, 2023

Nomination Form