Fall 2021 Member Survey
We know that things are uncertain and that the situation with the pandemic, travel, and institutional support is fluid. Although there is still a lot up in the air right, we would like to hear more about how AEFP fits into your plans for this upcoming year.

#AEFP2022 Conference Planning

The AEFP annual meeting is scheduled for March 17–19, 2022, in Denver, Colorado. Currently, the AEFP Board of Directors is planning to hold a fully in-person conference with limited sessions available to stream online. Given what you know currently, do you plan to attend the AEFP annual meeting in person in March?
Even if the annual meeting in March is held in person, if AEFP was able to provide opportunities to participate remotely in March (e.g., the ability to join some sessions by Zoom), would the option to join remotely affect your likelihood of attending?
If you had to decide today, what is your preference for the AEFP 2022 conference?