Institutional Membership

Institutional memberships are available to organizations/institutions interested in supporting AEFP and committed to advancing the professional development of their own employees. Possible organizations/institutions include schools, foundations, government agencies, research organizations, and non-profit/for-profit research organizations. ‚Äč

Membership Period

Membership is good for 12 months from the date of registration or renewal.

Institutional Membership Cost

$2,500 per year (includes two individual memberships/conference registrations) 

Institutional Member Benefits

  • Complimentary Journal Subscription to Education Finance & Policy: Published quarterly, the Education Finance & Policy journal provides the most important scholarly research and thought on the subject of finance of public, private and higher education, in the United States, Canada and around the world. Published by the MIT Press for the Association for Education Finance and Policy, the journal is provided to all members.
  • Attendance at the AEFP Annual Conference: Membership provides the opportunity to attend our annual conference to present work being done on contemporary educational issues, attend research sessions and policy talks on education finance & policy issues, and network with colleagues. 
  • Access to AEFP Conference Posters & Papers: Access our online repository of conference papers & posters.  
  • AEFP Newsletter: Published quarterly, the newsletter keeps members informed on AEFP initiatives, programs, and events in the field of education finance & policy. 
  • Job postings: Individual members are allowed access to post and search AEFP’s job board.   

High-level visibility through AEFP:

  • Discounted table space at conference: For $300, institutional members can reserve half a table space  
  • Recognition on conference program, conference website, and signage around the venue
  • Opportunity to share updates/jobs in AEFP communications (featured member section).  Please coordinate with our team at least 2 weeks before your desired send date, so we can work your email into our communication schedule.