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Research and Data Specialist
This is a professional position responsible for assisting in the development and execution of the agency’s research agenda, evaluating the implementation and outcomes of agency programs, describing and analyzing agency data, and conducting and/or facilitating large-scale empirical research. The primary responsibilities of the position will be research design and data analysis.

Serve as an analyst/researcher for the agency’s empirical research, evaluation, and data analysis work
•  Access, collect, describe, and analyze data for use in decision-making by the agency and State Board of Education
•  Assist in designing and executing projects from agency’s research agenda by developing research questions and appropriate study design/methodology; conducting rigorous statistical data analysis; and interpreting and communicating results
•  Communicate findings of research to appropriate audience
•  Collaborate with colleagues to ensure appropriate data collection for use in data analysis and research
Support the agency’s use of data, research, and evidence in decision-making
•  Write reviews of extant research on a variety of education-related topics
•  Collect and review education-related policies from other states or jurisdictions
•  Evaluate research on educational programs, activities, and interventions to determine whether research meets standards of quality and rigor
•  Analyze data on behalf of the agency’s other offices and divisions such that they can monitor and evaluate their programs (for example, by designing and administering surveys or supporting the development of other data collection tools)
Position: Research and Data Specialist
Organization: Maryland State Department of Education
Location: Baltimore,  MD 
United States
Salary: $77,204.00 - $96,961
Posting Start Date:
Date Posted: 3/20/2023
Education:   A Master’s degree or the equivalent of 36 credit hours of post-baccalaureate course work from an accredited college or university.
Experience: Four years of professional experience as a research or data analyst in education or other related field. Fluency in a computer-based statistical package (SPSS, STATA, or SAS) as well as experience with Excel and Access required. Experience in the use of R and Tableau are preferred.
Status: This listing expires on: 6/18/2023
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Organization Information
Maryland State Department of Education

Baltimore,  MD 21201
United States
Matthew Duque